Beyonce Wears Fur After Going Vegan, Because That Makes Sense

Beyonce caused some fur to fly on Thursday when she lunched at vegan hotspot Native Foods in LA… wearing what looked an awful lot like a fur-trimmed coat. Beyonce's jacket, which appears to be Christopher Kane, features a bold camouflage print and an oversized fur collar. The singer's representatives have yet to respond to Bustle's request for comment.

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z are reportedly going vegan for 22 days, effective until December 25 when the couple will presumably return to their omnivorous eating habits. While the initiative is commendable, it's unclear why Queen Bey didn't feel it was slightly contradictory to wear fur during this "spiritual and physical cleanse," especially to a restaurant which deliberately eschews the use of animal products.

Here's the jacket:

and click here for photos of the singer wearing what certainly looks like it in L.A. Thursday.

If she was wearing a fur collar, Beyonce's veganism is solely dietary, as the jacket violates a number of material restrictions. In terms of vegan fashion, materials including silk, wool, and leather are considered animal products, so there aren't many vegan natural fibers. Though many celebrities from Ellen Degeneres to Natalie Portman have adopted a vegan diet, the number who also live by its fashion limitations is much smaller.

Beyonce's glamorous style is generally beyond reproach, but for the rest of her outings-while-vegan, we hope she chooses an outfit in a nice cotton blend.