5 Funny Ways to Gift Wrap Because Snowflakes and Santas Are Boring

After the hoop-jumping involved in buying Secret Santa gifts and family grab-bag presents, you may be so pooped you may want to just wrap your gift in a paper towel. But now's not the time to quit! Gift wrap is a huge part of the present, a clue to its splendor, humor, or luxeness. Instead of the standard wrapping paper or (gasp!) newspaper you usually use this time of year, get creative and make the wrapping paper as special as the gift inside.

Gift Card Puzzle Vault

You can’t just be giving away gift cards; recipients have to show they want that iTunes cred! Make them earn their gift with this geeky puzzle vault.

Gift Card Puzzle Vault, $4.99, ThinkGeek

Bacon Gift Wrap

This wrapping paper is so incredibly realistic, we hope the gift inside isn’t a let-down compared to the prospect of so much bacon. Urban Outfitters also sells a sheets of meat-themed wrapping paper.

Meat Holiday Wrapping Paper, $20, Urban Outfitters

Zombie Wrapping Paper

Why stick to boring snowmen and Santas? This Zombie gift wrap will liven up the gift exchange.

Zombie By The Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper, $13.95, Etsy

Word Puzzle Wrapping Paper

Gift wrap for any holiday: simply download this crossword puzzle wrapping paper and circle the appropriate holiday or occasion, be it Easter, Valentine’s Day, or the recipient’s retirement. Voila!

Wordless Wrap, $21, Fabio Milito

Wrap it in $$$

If you’re feeling generous and ingenious, purchase a sheet of bills from the Treasury and fold into an envelope, or wrap a gift in them. A great way to mix-up a standard gift of cash!

Currency Sheets, $16.25, U.S. Department of the Treasury (yes, really.)