11 Gift Wrapping Ideas to Give Your Presents a Little Somethin' Extra

It's gift-giving time again! Remember the '90s when fancy, matchy-matched shopping mall gift wrap was all the rage? The golden days are over, folks. There are some new gift wrap sheriffs in town, and they are simple and sweet and thoughtful in all the best ways. Personalized recipe-touting gift wrap? That’s a thing. We also have your ticket to DIY potato stamp success, not to mention a great crafty pom pom hack that requires just two things — yarn and a fork. From the customized to the green-and-happy, these 11 gift wrap ideas are creative and whimsical — and they won’t have you stressing about six-inch ribbon curls. It’s time to get your gift wrap workshop in gear.

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by Emily Mack

Clean and Simple

We love this simple, uncluttered approach to gift wrap. Brown paper packages tied up with string (and sprigs of evergreen) is a look so lovely you might even think to sing a song about it.

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Chalkboard Galore

Address your brown-paper packages with chalkboard name plates, and hop on one of the biggest design bandwagons of 2013. Want to go a little bigger? Snag chalkboard gift wrap from Etsy and have at it.

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Sugar and Spice

Giving the gift of homemade treats this year? Wrap them up in your own personalized recipe wrapping paper from Minted, and bring your offering full circle. Everybody’s going to be asking for your recipe anyway, right?

Sugar & Spice Gift Wrap, $15, Minted.

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For the Wayfarer

Want to really confuse somebody this year? Give them a GPS and then wrap it up in repurposed road maps. You’re so silly.

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Starch and Sass

Unleash the power of your favorite starchy vegetable with your very own DIY potato stamped wrapping paper. Carbs have never been so beautiful (except maybe in these recipes).

Express Yourself

Spring for some quirky gift wrap and show your friends and family what you’re all about. Crazy about kale? Everybody will be quick to spot your gifts underneath the Christmas tree with this roll from Kate Broughton’s shop. Mine Etsy for other delightful gift wrap options.

Click here to see the wrapping: Vegetable Gift Wrap, $11.75, Kate Broughton

Pretty with Pom Poms

Pom poms make everything just a little bit sweeter, so trim your packages in these pretty little poufs. Make them yourself with this DIY hack, and soon total world pom pom domination will be yours. (Cue menacing laugh.)

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If You’re Feeling Crafty

Can’t find the right box to fit your gift-giving needs? Make your own! This DIY from Lines Across will show you how.

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Customized and Cute

Use washi tape to dress up plain packaging, a lá this idea from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! So super cute, you might just get a job offer in Santa’s gift wrapping department.

Click here to see the wrapping: Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

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Wrap Your Gift in a Gift

Does your eco-friendly heart cringe at the idea of so much wasted paper? We hear you. Wrap your gifts up in reusable (and repurpose-able) pieces of fabric. Because the best thing to wrap a gift in is… another gift. You just won Christmas.

Follow the Arrow Fabric Gift Wrap, $40, Toodles Noodles