What Jail Experience Is 'BB's James Talking About?

Update: Previously, this post indicated that the three years in jail James mentioned stemmed from a past arrest. However, he has worked as a corrections officer and was likely referring to that experience of working in a prison. We regret the error.

This week there's a new king in the Big Brother 17 house: James, the current HoH. James has gone against all things holy and has nominated the King and Queen of the Big Brother house, Shelli and Clay, which has been well-received by almost every person in the entire world, with the exception of Clay and Shelli themselves. But no matter how mad Clay gets (Read: How big of a tantrum he throws), James' prison experience before Big Brother has prepared him to not be afraid of guys like Clay. At least, that's what James said after nominating Clelli on Wednesday's show.

After the explosive nomination ceremony, James said that he did three years in jail. What was he talking about? As reported by the Times Record News, James has worked as a corrections officer, so he was likely referring to his experience working in prisons. While it was reported that James was arrested for "contempt of family court," in South Carolina, the maximum penalty if one is convicted is one year in prison, though community service and fines may also be imposed. Since James said he spent three years in jail, this arrest (of which there is no further information available regarding conviction or dismissal) seems to be totally unrelated, and the houseguest was actually referring to his time spent as a corrections officer in a prison.

I can easily see James in that job. As we've seen from him this season, he isn't afraid to stand up to major players in the house (see: Clelli's current nomination). While it might not be looked highly upon, James has no issue ruffling some feathers, whether that's a beautiful statuesque Texan athlete or an unruly inmate. Let's just hope James' actions in the Big Brother house don't land him in Big Brother jail ... JURY HOUSE.

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Images: Monty Brinton/CBS