H&M Keeps It Green With Recycling Initiative

by Dana Reszutek

The environment and fashion sometimes don't mix very well, but one major retailer is trying to change all that. H&M's Fashion Recycling Week, which will launch August 31 in the UK, is the brand's latest attempt to make the industry a little more green.

According to a report by Vogue UK, H&M is working with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at the London College of Fashion to fill their shop windows with environmentally friendly designs. The store challenged the college's second-year students to use items donated to H&M's clothing collection program to make some fabulous, recycled pieces. The garments will be seen in eight stores throughout the UK.

This isn't the first time H&M has tried to make their clothing a little more green. Just last year, they began their garment collection initiative, where shoppers can bring in any of their used clothing to be recycled by the store into a range of items.

"We recycle no less than 97 per cent of the clothes and textiles we collect into new products like clothes, insulation for cars and most importantly into new garments, closing the loop in fashion," Catarina Midby, H&M sustainability manager said in an interview with Vogue UK .

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And it's not just design students who get to have a little fun with this initiative. According to i-D, shoppers can use Instagram and the hashtag #ClosetheLoop to guess how many recycled items a student used to make their design. Each person to submit will get a chance to win £250 (that's about $389) of store credit, and we all know that's a major amount for H&M.

And if you're not in the UK, you can support H&M's green movement by shopping the Conscious Collection, which offers items that are environmentally friendly. Check out some of their latest looks that will make your wardrobe a lot more stylish and sustainable.

Breezy Culottes

Culottes, $29.99

This wide-leg pant, which has become a summer staple, is a great way to make a overall comfortable look stand out.

Elegant Maxi

Sleeveless Dress, $39.99

This soft grey maxi dress has an almost Grecian silhouette that makes for a breeze daytime or evening look.

Stand-Out Jumpsuit

Patterned Jumpsuit, $34.99

Nothing makes a statement quite like a jumpsuit, and this soft, floral-patterned one is a definite must for any summer wardrobe.

Images: H&M