6 Things All Southern Girls Have In Their Closets

You can always pick a Southern girl out of crowd. If not her 80-watt smile and mountain of perfectly coiffed curls, what she's wearing will usually give her away. From sherbet colors, to floral prints, to monogrammed anything, there are certain things that all Southern girls wear. All my ladies north and south of the Mason-Dixon know what I'm talking about.

There's a certain cheery, ladylike, pastel-happy style that Southern girls have the privilege of wearing year round. It's basically perpetual spring in your half of the country, which allows you to dress just so. Basically, your closet is filled with happy colors, and it's essence is one of general whimsy. But now that fall is rolling in, that doesn't mean that you need to stomp your happy-go-lucky fashion spirit in favor of dressing for the season. On the same token, living in a warm climate doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the fall trends.

We've teamed up with Nordstrom Rack to break down all the things that Southern gals have in their closet. We've also gone the extra mile to show how you can fit fall trends seamlessly into your Dixie wardrobe.

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1. ALL Of The Sherbet Colors

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As a Southern gal, you basically live in colors that came straight out of a carton of fruit-flavored ice cream. Plenty of people will tell you these hues are reserved for spring, but they just lack your imagination.

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You can easily incorporate your favorite sweet shades into your fall look with a '90s-inspired sweater. Think Cher Horowitz, but from South Carolina.

2. Floral Prints Galore

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From the oyster roast to the football game, you're wearing your favorite floral prints no matter how casual the occasion. Problem is, flowers typically bloom in spring, and people get weird about wearing floral prints any time after Memorial Day.

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However, you don't have to give up your favorite print just because of the time of year. Come fall, you can work a whimsical flower print with black tights, a neutral blouse, and your favorite leather jacket.

3. A Classic Handbag

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Southern ladies know that a good leather bag is a building block for a polished wardrobe. Considering that a natural-hued leather purse is great no matter what the time of year, you can weave this piece into your fall ensembles with virtually no thought whatsoever. Nailed it.

4. A Pair Of Great Wedges

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Your favorite wedges are basically the patron footwear of all your garden parties. However, Fall calls for some slightly less open footwear.

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Lucky for you, wedge booties exist. Pair these babies with a skinny jean, a roomy sweater, a cape, and a felt hat, and you're channeling a '70s boho chick frolicking through fields of flowers.

5. A String of Pearls

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You enjoy being a girl, and nothing is more girly than a classic string of pearls. In addition to capturing your Southern Belle spirit, they simply go with everything.

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Given the fact that they indeed do go with everything, it's almost criminally simple to work these babies for fall. Layer a funky pearl bib necklace over an oxford shirt for a ladylike look like it's no thang.

6. All Monogram Everything.

As a Southern lady, embroidering your initials on everything is in your DNA. A great monogrammed piece makes your eyes widen with wonder.

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Try working your favorite Southern dress pastime for fall by embroidering your initials onto any pair of riding boots. After all, crunching leaves under your feet feels SO much better in something with your personal crest on it.

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