'World War Z' Sequel in the Works. Where Does it Go From Here?

Barely a week after World War Z hit theaters, Paramount is already planning a sequel, according to The Associated Press. Not a bad idea — the zombie apocalypse drama, which has received pretty decent reviews despite a disastrous production and Brad Pitt-focused backlash prior to its release, has made a shattering $128 million worldwide since it opened, and a second installment of the film is bound to bring the same sort of financial success.

Asked about the possibility of a sequel in an interview last week, Pitt said, "We've got so many good storylines stemming from the book or inspired by the book and then just generated from our own powwows. It might still be fun. We've got enough material, that's for sure."

We want to trust Pitt, but judging from the troubles he faced just making World War Z seem at least slightly plausible, we're not too sure that "material" will be enough to make a quality second movie. To help him out, we've put together some plot ideas of our own (*SPOILER ALERT*):

1. The camouflage vaccine only works for so long. Eventually, it wears off, and the zombies attack the remaining humans. Matt Damon jumps in and moves the rich and the privileged to Elysium, leaving the rest of the population to be food for the undead.

2. Brad uses Angelina and their six kids to form a small army. Maddox takes the lead, using his mohawk as defense. The twins do a Parent Trap switch to confuse the enemy. Angie's leg makes a reappearance and distracts the zombies, giving Brad time to find a cure and save the world.

3. The vaccine fails and the zombies take over. Surviving humans adapt to their new environment, learning to evade the undead. An awkward college student, used to defending himself, partners with another survivor, who has a passion for killing zombies and who wants nothing more than to find one last Twinkie... oh, wait.