'World War Z' Reviews: Should You See the Brad Pitt Movie?

Brad Pitt, you can stop holding your breath now: World War Z, the apocalyptic drama starring and produced by the actor, will be released in theaters on Friday, and it's receiving pretty solid reviews. While not every review for the production-plagued film has been great, most have been complimentary, giving the film a respectable, if not wonderful, 74 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. For a round-up of the reviews, read on:

The Great:

"Rising from an early grave of negative pre-release publicity, director Marc Forster and producer-star Brad Pitt’s much-maligned “World War Z” emerges as a surprisingly smart, gripping and imaginative addition to the zombie-movie canon." - Variety

"The summer’s most urgent, highest-IQ action picture." - Time

"The most entertaining and accomplished zombie thriller since George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead." - Entertainment Weekly

The Mediocre:

"A bunch of impressive set pieces stitched together rather than a good story convincingly told, this gargantuan production should ride Brad Pitt's name, teeming action scenes and widespread interest in all things zombie to strong box office returns, particularly internationally." - The Hollywood Reporter

"The movie toggles between Hollywood commercialism and a social statement about global instability. It has moments that border on profound, then pull back." - USA Today

The Very, Very Bad:

"Most ambitious zeke flicks spice things up with some allegory or mordant wit. Not World War Z. - The New York Post

"What all of that time and money couldn’t provide, evidently, is decent character development for anyone but the man Pitt plays, Gerry Lane." - The Arizona Republic

Despite those last few reviews, World War Z is expected to take in $40 to $50 million this weekend, an impressive debut that will surely set the stage for a successful summer run.