Decoding Zayn's Mysterious Post-Breakup Subtweet

In the past couple of weeks, One Direction plus former member Zayn Malik have made me run the full spectrum of emotions. I'm still getting over the fact that Malik decided to leave the band, and that happened months ago. Add that to the fact that Malik is going solo, and my brain has basically exploded. But that was just the beginning. Earlier this week, news came out that Malik and Perrie Edwards ended their engagement, and as much as I didn't want to believe it, it was pretty quickly confirmed by their reps. And now? Malik has broken his silence after their breakup with a mysterious subtweet, and I'm dying to figure out what it all means.

Because where Edwards' first words post-breakup were about what you'd expect — a little emotional, but tight-lipped — Malik's were far more dramatic and cryptic. On Wednesday, he tweeted about not being able to please everybody... and then he followed it up with several tweets about how excited he is about the solo album he's working on, like he wanted to distract everyone from the fact that he was brooding via social media.

This reminds me of exactly what I would have tweeted after finding out a boy I had a crush on didn't like me after all... in middle school. Not as an adult at the end of a four year relationship. But Malik has so much going on right now that it's possible he's not actually talking about Edwards at all, which means it's time to start trying to decode his message.

Here are all the possible things Malik could be talking about in his tweet.

(And for the record, yes, I am fully aware that I am far too invested in the personal life of a former boyband member than any adult should ever be.)

The Obvious: His Breakup With Perrie

So maybe "some people" is referring to Edwards, and he could never do enough for her, and that's why he had to break things off? Just a thought.

Or Maybe His Breakup With One Direction

Even though he tweeted about their new single, "Drag Me Down," a few days ago, maybe there's drama behind the scenes. Knowing these boys...

The Fans' Reaction To His Breakup With Perrie And/Or One Direction

Because basically, Twitter blew up the second the news broke that his engagement to Edwards was over. The "some people" he's referencing in his tweet could mean fans that are upset with him for his recent choices in his personal and professional lives, especially since he's been known to call out 1D fans when they get too turnt.

Something That Has To Do With His Solo Album

Recording your first album as a solo artist is no easy task. Maybe he's struggling? Maybe the success of "Drag Me Down" has him shakin' in his boots?

Something That None Of Us Even Know Is Going On

Because, you know, hard as it is to believe, Malik has his own life totally separate from the one he lets the public see, and he could just be getting out the emotion he's feeling about a situation that we're totally not privy to. It's possible!

No matter what's going on, though, Malik seems pretty excited about his solo album, and even though he's starting this chapter of his life without Edwards by his side, I'm pretty sure it'll be a success. I can't wait to hear his new music... although I'll forever be bitter that I will never see him sing with Harry Styles again.

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