Get Ready To Have New 'Jumanji' Nightmares

Almost everything that was great in the '80s and '90s are coming back to cash in on our nostalgia and to teach the new generation what charming and simple life in the pre-smart phone, scrunchie-full era was like. Ghostbusters will burst back onto screens with our favorite funny females kicking ass and busting ghosts, plus Full House is coming back even Fuller. But the latest reboot set to throw us back and break our hearts is a Jumanji remake set to come out Christmas 2016.

The original 1995 film starred Robin Williams as Alan Parrish, a man who was trapped within the board game Jumanji for 26 long years. A young Kirsten Dunst found the game and released him, and they try to work together to finish the game to undo all the damage. And, boy, was there a lot of damage, from a stampede of animals rolling through the house like this was The Lion King or something to one of the main characters being turned into a monkey.

The new version will likely have all the CGI one can only dream of, which will make the animal stampedes even scarier. But it's hard to imagine how they are going to replace Williams. His talent and warmth on screen is still unmatched, and there's not an actor who can even come close to doing what he can do. Williams is irreplaceable, so perhaps the reboot shouldn't try to be a direct remake. Instead, perhaps it should innovate and pay homage to Williams' performance — because there is no way that anyone could match it. We would likely just spend the whole time missing Williams.

The names that immediately come to mind to play Alan are perhaps Bill Hader and Ed Helms — talented sketch comedians and character actors, but still no Williams.

Bill Hader

Hader is an accomplished sketch comedian with one of the best runs on SNL in recent memory. This summer, he also proved that he is a leading man, starring opposite Amy Schumer in Trainwreck. In this sketch, he shows the same kind of manic energy that Williams exudes.

Ed Helms

Helms has a similar energy as Williams, and also exudes a sense of warmth. He currently stars opposite children in another reboot, Vacation, which is currently in theaters. He can handle the role, and the kids.

Steve Carrell

Another Office alum, Steve Carrell, could be fun to watch paying homage to Williams. He has moved on to acting in prestige dramas like Foxcatcher, so it is likely that he wouldn't want to star in a family comedy. However, hopefully he throws his hat into the ring.

Jim Carrey

Carrey has the manic energy and stunning character abilities like Williams, and it would be fun to see him take on a new mystical world. As Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, he has experience working with animals.

It will be interesting to see who they cast. To tide you over to next Christmas, relieve the craziness of Jumanji here. But if you're actually brave enough to go out and buy the board game for yourselves, well, I guess I'll see you in 26 years.

Image: Sony Pictures