Sketch Pokes Fun At Marvel's Lack Of Heroines

Sometimes I feel like waiting for a Marvel movie about a female superhero is a bit like waiting for the Rapture. Like, it's supposedly coming? But only in the vague, looming sense, where nobody can really decide on a date? This sketch on how easy it would be to make a female superhero movie by Above Average perfectly sums up the absurdity of Hollywood's priorities. Called "The Greenlighter," it follows the journey of one female movie executive on a mission: make a movie. One that actually stars a woman in it. (GASP.)

Because even though we have Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel from DC on the horizon, the glaring lack of female superheroes — particularly in the Marvel universe — is hard to ignore. The success of Agent Carter and the overwhelming demand for a Black Widow movie should be proof enough alone that Marvel is not only ignoring a perspective from half of the population of the earth, but also ignoring what could be a huge profit mine for them. Thankfully, this video is just one of many efforts highlighting just how absurd the common arguments against starring a woman in a superhero movie would be. Here are some of the things that The Greenlighter is helping put to rest:

"How Am I Supposed To Write This Movie Starring A Woman?"

The video also touches on other issues surrounding the "inability to understand" women. One exec suggests that her super power be sex, another suggests that she wear something that shows off her "boobies," and it's just a general palooza of misconceptions that are supposedly making it "difficult" to write a film from a woman's perspective. Life hack: write the woman as a HUMAN BEING. Problem solved!

"Marvel Doesn't Have Any Good Female Superheroes. I Mean, What Are We Supposed To Do, Just Write A New One?"

Even if this were true (Marvel has female superheroes! THEY EXIST!), there are plenty of older heroines they can resurrect and breathe new life into. I mean, for crying out loud, we had a talking raccoon last year. We funneled millions into Ant-Man. If Marvel can get away with those kind of shenanigans, there's no reason why they couldn't get away with something as ~weird~ as a woman superhero, even if it meant totally revamping her storyline in a similar way. Or even if it meant making a new one. (As much as I adore Spider-Man, if I see one more reboot I am going to lose all semblance of chill.)

The point of this video ultimately is that we talk so much about making a female superhero movie that it seems like some big challenge we have to overcome, when truly it isn't. It should be as simple as making any other movie. If you want to see how how absurdly easy it is, watch the sketch below:

Images: YouTube(3)