Woman Shuts Down Clerk's Period Shaming Comment

Let this be a lesson to nosy people everywhere. A grocery store clerk made an inappropriate period joke, and the Australian woman on the receiving end of the joke took to Facebook to slam him. Australian sensation and feminism: 1; That grocery clerk: -10. You'd think, being that it's 2015, and we might end up with a female president, and we've lived through the revolution of the Spice Girls, that this wouldn't happen in line at the grocery store. But it did, and it does, and it won't be the last time that we report on someone being stupid like this. Luckily, we have great females like Lauren Jovanović​ to put these people in their place.

Jovanović was shopping at a Cole's supermarket, and when she got to the checkout counter, the guy bagging her groceries who "didn't even reach [her] boobs in regards to height" had a joke for her. And by "joke," I mean a not even remotely clever comment that was completely uncalled for. So I'm not even sure we can really call it a joke.

When bagging sanitary napkins, he said, "Have you tried Viva paper towels? I've heard they're pretty absorbent.​"





Not only is this comment the farthest thing from funny, but the fact that someone didn't teach him that a comment like that isn't acceptable in any setting is fairly upsetting.

Here's Jovanović's Full Message On Facebook:

Dammit, that's poetry.

In keeping with the theme, here are 5 other purchases grocery store clerks (or anyone) shouldn't be judging.

1. Razors

This isn't exactly like sanitary items, but someone could still call attention to razors in the wrong way. Expressing how or when or how much a woman should use a razor isn't a good precedent to set. Nor is giggling at it when she checks out at the grocery store.

2. Condoms

Buying condoms as a female isn't a rockin' good time. You're just made to feel ... weird by some cashiers, even if they mean well. Next time someone gives you a hard time about buying condoms, just apologize for the fact that you're getting laid and they're not.

3. Plan B

I've never actually bought Plan B, but I've had a few friends specifically talk about how uncomfortable the pharmacist has made them feel when purchasing it. There's just no need, and people should be trained to handle a situation like that with kindness and professionalism.

4. Birth Control

I was prescribed the pill when I was 15 or 16 for anemia, and I used to hate going into the pharmacy to pick it up, because I looked really young and would occasionally get a bizarre look from the cashier. THANK YOU for that, ma'am.

5. Healthy/Unhealthy Foods

First, S/O to anyone who recognized that 30 Rock gif. Next, you don't need to point out the fact that someone is buying an entirely vegan grocery haul. They're very aware of that fact already. Similarly, if someone is on an indulgent grocery shopping spree and today is the day they want an extra pint of ice cream, it doesn't need to be questioned.

Images: Brad Cerenzia/Flickr; Pixabay; Giphy(5)