8 Spice Girls Songs That You Totally Forgot About... But They Still Rock Anyway

If you wannabe my lover, you have to... understand the cultural significance of the Spice Girls' songs in pop music history. I remember when the Spice Girls first hit the scene: I was completely obsessed with this British girl group, and I went a little crazy buying the Spice Girls' dolls, books, and CDs — not to mention my very own VHS copy of Spice World. Honestly, I'm not even mad about all of the allowance money I dropped on this girl group: every time a Spice Girls song comes on the radio (which is tragically becoming less and less frequent, I might add) I can't help but blast the music and sing embarrassingly loud in my car. There are just so many quality Spice Girls that not appreciating this girl group for all their worth would be a true tragedy.

The Spice Girls produced a ton of hits in their prime, but there are also quite a few Spice Girls songs that never really made it into our collective pop cultural consciousness. If you didn't listen to their CDs on repeat and were more of a casual listener of their pop anthems, you may have missed out on these wonderful tunes — and that would be a real shame.

Here are the Spice Girls songs that you may have forgotten about, but definitely should get listening to ASAP:

"Who Do You Think You Are"

SpiceGirlsVEVO on YouTube

"Who Do You Think You Are" is an awesome pop tune accompanied by a crazy colored music video, but it never quite reached the level of fame that "Wannabe" did.


SpiceGirlsVEVO on YouTube

Ginger Spice isn't featured on this song, but there is a catchy hook about wanting a guy to holler your name.

"Let Love Lead The Way"

SpiceGirlsVEVO on YouTube

In this music video, the Spice Girls represent Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Pretty deep stuff. Also, Sporty is a blonde?!?!

"The Lady Is A Vamp"

xox on YouTube

This swing-inspired ode to ladies of the past is one of my favorite Spice Girls songs of all time, and totally different from their typical sound.


lovegirl86 on YouTube

This ballad is a bit Backstreet Boys, but it's still lovely.

"If You Wanna Have Some Fun"

Leonardo Karam on YouTube

This song is super straightforward: if you wanna have some fun, come over here and get my number.

"Tell Me Why"

Bryan Tolliver on YouTube

Basically your drunk call to your ex-boyfriend, but in song form.

"Weekend Love"

Bryan Tolliver on YouTube

This song could be retitled "you're my rebound, but that's okay."

Now go dance your girl group-loving heart out.