Drake Reunited With His 'Degrassi' Pals

Prepare yourselves Degrassi: The Next Generation and Drake fans, because something magical has happened. During the Toronto premiere of the new web series We Are Disorderly, Drake reunited with his Degrassi cast mates, and, yes, there is picture proof. See, just because he missed out on the official reunion doesn't mean he has forgotten about his Degrassi peeps. Remember the cast grew up together, and, even if they drift apart, bonds like that never truly fade away. Before he was known as the famous rapper Drake, Drake was Aubrey Graham, or, as he was better known to Degrassi fans, Jimmy, and Jimmy would never forget about his BFFs.

Drake met up with three of Degrassi's original next generation MVPs at the event: Daniel Clark (Sean), Adamo Ruggiero (Marco), and Lauren Collins (Paige). Spoiler alert! They have all aged well. So well in fact, that I would not be surprised if old crushes resurface when you look at the majestic picture. In fact, you will start cursing the fact that you no longer have a locker to cover with pics of your old favorites. Prepare to get hit with all the nostalgia because I guarantee you every Degrassi: The Next Generation fan will have these seven thoughts when they see the photo.

1. Drake Looks So Happy

Reuniting with old friends is the best. Look at Drake's face! He is clearly psyched to be hanging with his former "classmates." In fact, everyone is grinning and it makes the old fandom heart beat just a little bit faster.

2. What Did They Talk About?

Oh, to eavesdrop on their convo would be delicious. Did they gossip about old times? Play catch up on each other's lives? Did Clark, Ruggiero, and Collins ask Drake why he hasn't hooked them up with concert tickets yet? So many questions!

3. The Sean And Jimmy Feud Is Over

It took those crazy kids awhile to work it out, but Sean and Jimmy are finally buddies. OK, so I'm living in an alternate reality where Clark is still Sean and Drake is still Jimmy. Deep down, you know you're right there with me though. Seeing the guys in a group hug heals all those old Degrassi wounds.

4. Are They All Ageless?

If anything, this cast is getting hotter with time. They all still look so young and fresh faced. There must have been something in the fountain water at Degrassi.

5. There Needs To Be Another Reunion Movie

This settles it. There needs to be another reunion movie (a good one this time), and Drake has to come back. He can sing, it's all good, but Jimmy needs to be seen at least one more time. Also, he needs to reunite with Spinner because some bromances should never die.

6. Adult Jimmy And Paige Would Make A Great Couple

Don't look at me like that, you were all thinking it. They look so cozy together, and, even though Jimmy and Paige never dated, I cannot help but wonder what might have been.

7. Drake Is Still The Best

Knowing Drake hasn't forgotten where he got his start is the best news for fans of his music and for everyone who remembers him as Jimmy.

Anyone else ready for a return to trip to Degrassi now?

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