Central City, Comic Book Central?

Who would win in a fight: the Flash or the Human Torch? Now, I know what some of you are thinking: 'Oh, what a silly, silly question. The Flash exists in the DC Universe and the Human Torch is a Marvel superhero — it's against the laws of the universe that they should ever meet!' You have a good point; but would it surprise you if I told you that actually, the Flash and the Human Torch live in the same area? It's true, both the Fantastic Four and the Flash live in Central City. But is Central City a real place, or is it just another fictional town full of mayhem and superheroes?

Central City — at least the version used for the comics, not the real Colorado town — is very, very fake. But these days, it's everywhere. It's no surprise: superheroes are taking over the world of entertainment, with both DC and Marvel trying to overrun our televisions and movie screens with various projects starring everyone's favorite comic book heroes. This month in superhero entertainment, there's Marvel's Fantastic Four , starring Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell. In the film, scientists Reed Richards (Teller), Sue Storm (Mara), Johnny Storm (Jordan) and Reed's BFF Ben Grimm (Bell), teleport to an alternate universe and return to Central City, their hometown, with superpowers. Any of this sound familiar? It should, after all Central City is also home to the Flash in The CW's The Flash.

A Tale Of Two Cities

In comic book lore, Central City appears in the Marvel Universe as the home of the Fantastic Four, the city they protect above all else. In the DC Universe, a city also named Central City is under the protection of the Flash. Confusing, right? Interestingly enough, both versions of Central City have been moved around the United States throughout the comic book runs of The Flash and The Fantastic Four. In Fantastic Four , Central City is mostly identified as being in California. In The Flash, Central City is a bit harder to pin down, but it seems to be placed somewhere in Missouri. (Granted in the television show, it seems unlikely that Central City is located in Missouri, given that in both The Flash and Arrow, which take place in a shared universe, the characters appear to be near a coast of some kind.)

But what if these two cities were actually one and the same? What would Central City look like if the Flash and the Fantastic Four both lived there?

Central City: How Many Heroes Can One City Hold?

When you think about it, the Flash would fit in perfectly with the Fantastic Four. Both share a comedic, more lighthearted tone, and all the main characters are scientists. Plus, their powers would work together flawlessly. Barry Allen's super speed working next to The Thing's epic strength, the Human Torch's fire power, Mr. Fantastic's super stretchiness and the Invisible Woman's ability to vanish at the drop of a hat? Now that, I would pay to see.

What else could we expect from a fun Flash/Fantastic Four Crossover? Johnny and Barry would inevitably go head to head in a race. Just imagine, the streak of the Flash against the flying fireball of the Human Torch — it would be a challenge unlike any other. Plus, think of the punny trash talk — "I'm gonna smoke you!" Then there'd be Barry Allen running away at super speed, only to be caught by Mr. Fantastic's super stretchy arms. Imagine Cisco going crazy over the Invisible Woman, and possibly having a major fangirl moment. (He would also try to give her a better superhero name, 'cause, let's be honest, she deserves more. in fact, let's imagine Cisco renames the Fantastic Four altogether.)

Don't forget Oliver Queen, who'd pop into town and be completely confused at the sight of The Thing. He would also probably get smacked around a little bit. Also during an Arrow/Flash crossover with the Fantastic Four: Johnny would hit on Felicity and find himself at the receiving end of #Flarrow's wrath.

Thanks, Central City, for providing endless superhero possibilities!

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