What Is 'Fantastic Four' Actually About?

While it seems like new trailers and promos come out for The Fantastic Four reboot all of the time these days, what do we actually know about this movie? It turns out, not that much as far as concrete plot details go. This is kind of strange these days, where typically we find out everything there is to know about a movie long before it shows up in theaters. So what is the new Fantastic Four actually about? Well, we know that it's based on another Marvel superhero team, who have actually been around longer than The Avengers. It's a team of four people who teleport to an alternate dimension (not really sure if this is intentional or not) and end up with super crazy powers, some more obvious than others. A true origin story, they have to learn to control their powers, work together and save the world from the super-villain Doctor Doom. But that's where the understanding ends.

Who exactly is Dr. Doom and why does he want to take over? No idea, that's all part of the super secret movie world that I am anxiously awaiting. We have some hints as to what's going on now that they've released new F4 promos introducing the characters and their drives to somehow alter the future. Like the trailers before the tone is serious with touches of humor, giving us a break from some of the doom and gloom super heroes (and thank goodness for that).

Here's what this round of promos can tell us about this big F4 mystery:

Mr. Fantastic

Miles Teller is looking all sorts of grown up as Reed Richards. We can tell he's super smart and get's super stretchy after a trip to outer space. Fantastic.

The Thing

If you ask me, Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) really got the short end of the super-hero stick. Everyone else get's super powers that still leaves them ridiculously attractive, and he gets a gnarly skin condition. If his bio is any indication, he at least puts it to good use.

The Invisible Woman

Here's where we get this most plot reveal. Sue Storm (Kate Mara) is hyper intelligent, almost flirty with Richards, and she turns invisible when she wants to. She's also the one warning about not being able to change the past (but what do they want to change, getting their powers? Something else?) and needing to alter the future (but how?).

The Human Torch

Last, but very certainly not least, is Michael B Jordan's Johnny Storm. Ostensibly the comic relief (I could watch him bounce in the space chair forever) he's also a specialist mechanic, and fancy driver. Plus, he bursts into flame whenever he wants. Now that's something I can get into.

Sadly, even after watching these videos, I'm not sure what it is they are setting out to do. But, on the bright side, I cannot wait to watch them do it.

Image: 20th Century Fox