Jon Stewart's Final Show Featured Tons Of Celebs

After being the comedic voice of reason and intelligence for 16 years, it's only fair to assume that Jon Stewart has made a lot of friends while hosting The Daily Show. He has probably also made a few enemies during this time too, but that's besides the point. So it shouldn't be all that surprising to the comedian being honored by a ton of celebrities on Stewart's final episode of The Daily Show . And that's precisely what they did... In droves. The number of celebrities that paid tribute on The Daily Show finale and its incredible comedy news host on Thursday night was endless, and understandably so, since the final episode was super-sized to 50 minutes. But despite being a rather overwhelming task, I of course put together every single celebrity cameo. It's a testament to the man who has provided us laughs, tears, sarcasm, honesty, accurate commentary and some of the best moments on late night television.

So who showed up? Everyone. For one, basically all of Stewart's correspondents for 16 years made a little cameo to give their thanks in their special ways: Most of them through playfully insulting Stewart in the trademark Daily Show sarcasm and biting humor. And to make things even more amazing, many of the politicians and political journalists that Stewart has joked about, confronted, and supported made an appearance to give their true thoughts of this beloved comedian. Here's who appeared during the emotional farewell.

First Up: The Correspondents

Because Stewart was hoping to start his show off by talking about the GOP debates, he asked his correspondents to take on candidate in the debate and talk about how they performed. Unfortunately, Stewart ended his run on the show with only three correspondents. Thankfully, the show more than compensated by bringing back all of his correspondents throughout the years to cameo in their individually hilarious ways.

Aasif Mandvi showed up first by taking another candidate to cover, followed closely by Al Madrigal who jokingly called Stewart a racist for asking him to cover Marco Rubio, before requesting to cover Rubio. Next up were Lewis Black and Jon Hodgman, and of course Black had to do a trademark angry old man joke.

Then came Kristen Schaal, who showed up for her correspondent duties in almost formal attire. When Stewart pointed out that she was a bit too dressy for the segment, Schaal stated, "Oh Jon, you're here. I thought Trevor had started by now." Schaal was quickly joined by Samantha Bee, who stated that she couldn't think of anyone better who she'd be willing to fly to Ohio in August for.

Of course, Steve Carell and his wife Nancy had to stop by as well. As Stewart thanked Carell for stopping by, he stated that he had been working at The Daily Show this whole time, just waiting for his next assignment. Nancy Carell then said, "We've all been waiting for a long time, where do you get off?"

When Stewart heard this, he just had to find out, was everyone really still working at the show? Immediately the camera turned to veteran correspondents Mo Rocca and Vance DeGeneres, who said they had been waiting this whole time to do a story about financial news, and that over the last decade there really hadn't been a lot for them to cover. Hm... They must have gotten their wires crossed.

Next up was Dave Attell, who congratulated Stewart on his 16-year Daily Show career. Then he added, "Next stop: Podcast!" Aww. Veep's Matt Walsh and Dan Bakkedahl showed up as their Veep counterparts at a fake White House press room, clearly they were confused by what they were promoting. When Stewart cleared the air, the two comedians left almost immediately.

Larry Wilmore showed up stating he had "nothing else to do tonight, because The Nightly Show got bumped. Black shows matter, Jon!" Jason Jones video-ed in from Georgia to basically just plug his new TBS comedy series The Detour (but don't worry it was still hilarious). And of course Josh Gad appeared and started singing songs like Olaf, stating that he was basically a rich and famous celebrity now. When Stewart clarified that he was famous for just children, Gad replied, "Disney money, b*tch!"

Rob and Nate Corddry had a brotherly spat during their bit and wow, what an honor. Stewart's Senior Evil Correspondent Darth Vader made an appearance and ripped Stewart a new one for comparing him to Dick Cheney. To be fair, I'm with him on that one. Poor Darth.

Bassem Youssef popped in from "Somewhere in the Middle East," and Gitmo came in from Guantanamo Bay, where he learned that only Stewart was getting released and that Gitmo was still "trapped." He did not take it well.

Olivia Munn stopped by to wish Stewart a happy 70th birthday (clearly she didn't read the invite) before Michael Che and Craig Kilborn showed up for a few seconds. And Trevor Noah began measuring the desk and Stewart's pants' inseam, already preparing to take over The Daily Show.

But that's not all. Rob Riggle came to help Stewart escape from all the hate he's brought about, Wyatt Cenac showed up across the street and wasn't sure if he'd come inside as his "social media is blowing up." John Oliver came to tell Stewart about his first day working at The Daily Show and laugh about whatever a commercial break is. HBO doesn't do commercial breaks, Jon!

And of course, the send-off of Stewart would not be complete without an appearance and a few words from Stephen Colbert, who compared his relationship with Stewart to that of Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins in The Lord Of The Rings (Stewart is Frodo because he's short and apparently has hair on his toes). But aside from jokes, Colbert gave an impromptu speech about how incredible Stewart has been to so many people and how invaluable his advice and teachings have been.

The Politicians & Journalists

Because it's not all about the correspondents, politicians Chris Christie, Charles Rangel, Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, and John McCain made cameos via video to wish Stewart a good riddance. Even Hillary Clinton appeared in the montage to say, "just when I was running for president," showing that she's just as upset as fans are that Stewart won't be reporting on her campaign.

Journalists were there, too! CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Fox News' Bill O'Reilly as well as Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough appeared in the video, the latter two cheering in celebration of Stewart's departure.

The Others

The show also featured a Goodfellas montage with a special appearance by Martin Scorcese himself. But despite all of Stewart's jokes, Arby's got the last laugh on his final show when the CEO Paul Brown showed up in a cameo to give his take on Stewart. "Jon Stewart: It's like TV threw up on your face."

In the end, Stewart finished his show with the perfect Moment of Zen: A celebrity cameo from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band singing Stewart's favorite songs. We'll all miss you, Jon!