8 Things To Know About Lauren Iaconetti

The fun has only just begun on Bachelor in Paradise, and sadly, it might end early for one contestant. According to a preview for Sunday's episode, the remaining contestants on Bachelor in Paradise might lose Lauren Iaconetti — Ashley I.'s sister — when the non-Bachelor Nation alum contemplates leaving paradise for someone at home. Within the first episode, you probably quickly realized, wow, I'm going to either hate this girl or love this girl. Unfortunately, we might not get the time to really pick love or hate with Lauren. Plus, we didn't even get to know her. In fact, there's a lot of stuff we didn't learn about Lauren. Which is why we should take time to reflect on Lauren's potentially short-lived experience on Bachelor in Paradise and learn some facts about her.

Lauren's number one fact was obviously that she was "Ashley I.'s sister." Even though I don't know what it's like to be a sibling, I would assume being identified as someone's "sister" and not as your own person would get a little frustrating. Lauren is much more than Ashley's sister. For example, did you know Lauren shares a love of all things Kardashian, just like her sister?

Here are eight facts about Lauren that every Bachelor in Paradise fan should know about her.

1. She Is Team Kylie

Everyone's got a favorite Kardashian family member... Lauren just doesn't hid it like some of us might (*tucks Kim Kardashian Selfish into my bookshelf*).

2. She Supported Her Sister Fearlessly

Lauren went to bat for her sister during Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor. That's the kind of sisterly love that probably got her on Bachelor in Paradise, too.

3. Her & Ashley Are Twins When She's Brunette (But Not Really)

Lauren used to have dark locks just like Ashley does. Check out this photo — it's almost impossible to tell them apart (Lauren is in the driver's seat).

4. And Then She's Kim K.'s Twin As A Blonde

I thought Ashley had the Kim Kardashian look, but turns out Lauren as a blonde is almost identical to Kardashian as a blonde (never forget those days).

5. She's Got A Sense Of Humor About Love

One of the reasons I wish Lauren would have lasted on Bachelor in Paradise is because she seems to have some really funny insights on love which would have been a great twist for those actually looking to fall in love.

6. But She Still Might Be In Love With The Fairytale

We know Ashley loves a fairytale date, and perhaps Lauren does, too?

7. She Was Rooting For Kaitlyn

Lauren was totally rooting for Kaitlyn to be the Bachelorette last season.

8. She's A Huge Margot Robbie Fan

Then again, who isn't?

Images: Bob D’Amico/ABC