How The Poor Chimp In 'Fantastic Four' Is Doing

Fantastic Four, a reboot of 2005's action film of the same name, is about a team of four superheroes who acquire their powers after traveling via a teleportation machine to an alternate universe. But the film shows us that somebody else actually traveled to the alternate universe first: a chimp, who was used by Reed Richards and Ben Grimm to test the teleportation device. The chimp returned unharmed, which Richards and Grimm took as a sign that the device was now ready to be used on humans (flawless logic...). We know what happens to the two guys as a result of their teleportation, but what happens to the chimp in Fantastic Four ? Sure, he looks physically fine when he returns from the alternate universe, but it's not like he could come right out and say, "Oh, I'm actually noticing some giant changes in my mental and physical abilities ever since you put me through that machine involuntarily."

So even if the chimp did end up with powers or otherwise changed in any way that wasn't blatantly obvious, we'd have no way of knowing. Furthermore, I think it's important to note that even if the chimp was physically fine upon his return from the alternate universe, he was visibly freaked out. Imagine that you're just hanging out, enjoying your little chimp life, and all of a sudden Miles Teller pops up and is like "HAYY you're going on a field trip!" You would definitely be caught off guard, to say the least.

The film doesn't ever say what actually happens to the chimp after the teleportation experiment, which makes me wonder what the little guy was doing the entire time the Fantastic Four were caught up in their own egotistical battle of saving the world. Here are a few guesses of how the primate's story might have ended up:

1. He's Now An Advocate For PETA

Mr. Chimp may have come back from the teleportation experiment, recovered from the emotional trauma, and then used his personal experience as a catalyst for a career in social activism. Onwards and upwards...

2. He Came Back With Way Cooler Powers Than Any Of The Four

But he's still kind of pissed at them, so he's not telling.

3. His Body Made It Back, But His Mind Ended Up Stuck In An Alternate Universe Where All They Play Is Nickelback

I'm so sorry.

4. He Made It Out Unscathed, Is Totally Fine, And Now Has An Awesome Story To Tell At The Bar

Although, you know his friends are all like, "Gavin, you've told the 'teleportation' story like eight times already. We get it."

Whatever happened to the chimp, I hope he's doing okay and hasn't found himself to be the subject of any future experiments. But at the very least, at least he has some serious street cred now.

Images: 20th Century Fox, Giphy