You'll Wish Anna Kendrick Was Your Maid Of Honor

And the Pitch Perfect actress continues to be aca-awesome. According to Us Weekly, Anna Kendrick gave her friend diamonds on her wedding day, because she's just that amazing. To be clear, her friend doesn't actually get to keep the diamonds, but who cares? I would gladly take some diamonds on loan! Per insiders who spoke with Us, Kendrick, who served as maid of honor, brought a full set of diamond jewelry on loan from Harry Kotlar for her childhood best friend's special day. Yep, the Into the Woods actress just proved that she makes the best maid of honor ever.

An Us Weekly source said, "Anna felt bad because she’s been working nonstop and couldn’t be there to do all the traditional duties she wanted to do. She just wanted to make her friend feel even more special on her wedding day to make up for it."

Mission accomplished. There's no doubt that Kendrick's friend surely stunned and felt extremely special as the bride on her wedding day, which is all that counts.

Can you imagine having the actress as part of your bridal party? Not only would you get to wear gorgeous diamonds, but, as I imagine it, Kendrick would sing you a special song and bust out her amazing dance moves. Then, you both would enjoy some tasty alcoholic beverages, which would lead her to post some pretty fabulous tweets about your big day. (She admits herself that she "drunk drafts" tweets.) That sure sounds like a great time for everyone. Too bad she can't be everyone's childhood best friend...

Images: Giphy