This Instagram Adorably Celebrates Weird Holidays

If there's a lesson to be had from the In Them Shoes Instagram, it is this: holidays can get weird. Like, really weird. Like, "Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day" kind of weird, and nope, I did not just make that up for the sake of comedy. But that's exactly what In Them Shoes celebrates — the wackiest holidays you can think of — and you know what? It's kind of fabulous. Plus, the way it celebrates them is through beautiful pieces of photography, so maybe it's time we gave Happe Work Like A Dog Day it's time in the sun.

Much like the hundreds of oddly specific laws in effect throughout the United States (did you know it's illegal to mistreat oysters in Maryland?), there are some holidays out there that are guaranteed to make you do a double take and, more importantly, wonder where the heck they came from. As a redhead who burns easily, I totally get the reasoning behind Sunscreen Day. As a human being, I am 200 percent in favor of Daiquiri Day. (Also Gin Day, Rum Day, and Leave the Office Early Day.) But on the other hand... Thread the Needle Day? There has to be a story behind that one.

In Them Shoes, however, doesn't concern itself with the origins of weird holidays. Instead, it celebrates them with a new picture every day — except, of course, on the days when the photographer is celebrating her own wacky holiday, Fruity Fridays. When she's not Instagramming slices of fruit artfully scattered on the ground, however, Lucy is uploading photos with that day's carefully chosen theme. Although each post is in the same format, her co-stars in the photos vary based on the holiday. Lollipop Day, for instance, was celebrated with a fruit-shaped lollipop, and she gave herself a "caviar manicure" for Caviar Day.

Other holidays are a little more difficult to capture in an Instagram, but Lucy always manages to find a way. For instance, on SCUD Day, which honors the phrase "savor the comic, unplug the drama," she posted a photo of a fruity drink and a reminder to "take it easy."

Whether they're easily illustrated or not, the Instagram account is an adorable look into some of humanity's most delightfully wacky holidays. I collected some of my favorites below, but be sure to check out the In Them Shoes Instagram page for more photos.

Build A Scarecrow Day

Sunglasses Day

Stay Out Of The Sun Day

Nature Photo Day

Sauntering Day

Iced Tea Day

Water A Flower Day

Images: Courtesy of In Them Shoes/Instagram