Celebrities Like Rihanna Rock Sneaker Style Left And Right

Although I have personally decided that sneakers are an eternal trend, if for whatever reason we find that doesn't hold true, we can be confident that it's 100 percent happening right now. It's not only my squad running the streets in sneaks, because celebrities like Rihanna are slaying sneaker style like the were born for it too. However, I will say that I do pretend bad girl RiRi is my girl forever. No shame.

While some celebrities stick to luxury designer sneakers, such as Dior Fusions, others roll with the classics, like Adidas Originals, Chuck Taylor Converse, Vans, and basically anything Nike. I love that this trend is the same across the board. Nobody left behind. If you like sneakers, then there is a pair you not only can stun in, but also afford. And honestly whichever pair you purchase, you make them your own.

The trend doesn't stop with just looking like a boss though. Recently, sneakers have opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to women actually gaining exposure as innovators with a voice. Movements such as "Word To The Woman," Solange Knowles most recent collaboration with Puma and Saint Heron, is doing just that. It not only features baller sneakers, but also "celebrates women who innovate and redefine roles in various walks of life." Another sneaker movement known as "OHK," also affirms women styling in sneakers. Sarah Lee, the founder believes it's time that "sneakerhead-styling-loving-on-the-go-big-dreaming women, congregate and form a community to empower and inspire each other in ways we can only do as women... and to buy dope sneakers."

So, let's take a look at some of our favorite celeb ladies who are all about the sneaker game!

1. Gigi Hadid In Adidas x Pharell Willams Superstar

2. Kim Kardashian In Yeezy 350 Boost Low

3. Kendall Jenner In Adidas All Star

4. Gigi Hadid In Vans Old Skool

Although I'm not a fan of these, they seem to be making quite a it of noise. Especially because Rihanna's making a statement in them.

5. Rihanna In Dior Fusion

Long live the sneaker trend!