Solange Launches Another Collection With Puma

Sneakers have become a footwear staple for even the biggest fashionistas these days, and it's not surprising given that tehy're just so comfortable. But if you haven't jumped on the pro-sneaker bandwagon just yet, Solange's latest collaboration with Puma just might change your mind.

The Puma line, entitled Word to the Woman, isn't just a about new version of the brand's Suede Classic WN's sneaker. The collaboration, which is technically between Puma and Solange's brand Saint Heron, is about the artist's style as well as it is about highlighting a few amazing women.

According to the brand's Instagram, the sneaker line "celebrates women who innovate and redefine roles in various walks of life." Instead of focusing on the design itself, Solange chose a variety of women, from poet Cleo Wade to psychiatry resident Dr. Jessica Clemons, to star in the campaign, celebrating both female success and fashion.

This isn't the first time Solange has worked with the sneaker company, having produced two other successful collections with the brand. And, based on the latest images, this time around will be no different. Each of the four designs sells for the pretty reasonable price of $90, and the shoes take Puma's classic design, and add unique colors, textures, and patterns that make for some pretty bold sneakers.

Take a look to see if Solange's designs fit your wardrobe.

1. Soft, Powder Blue

2. Dr. Clemons Sports Them In Navy

3. Be Bold With Green

4. Stand Out In Mustard Kicks

If any of these looks fit your style, check out Solange's collection here.

Images: Puma (4)