Comedian Calls Out Couple Making Out On The Subway, And It Is The Happiest A Subway Car Has Ever Been — VIDEO

Embarrassment reached epic proportions in NYC when a comedian called out a couple making out on the subway. It was uncomfortably hilarious for the entire subway car — but their laughs were captured on camera, which I suppose proves it was less uncomfortable and more hilarious. I've heard the argument that PDA is beneficial to your relationship, but I will just never be one of those people who likes to make out everywhere. It's not my style. Holding your partner's hand is nice, as is a peck here and there, but I'm not super down to have my tongue displayed in public. (If you are though, that's totally your choice, and I support you.)

Anyway, this couple got called out when a comedian started yelling "AWKWARD!" while standing about two feet from this couple. Uncalled for? Yes. Hilarious? Also yes, and it trumps any of the slightly unkosherness of the whole spectacle. The woman flipped the comedian off, which escalated the situation, but it was 99% all in good fun and 1% "What the hell, man?"

This is one of those YouTube incidents I'd liked to just blindly believe was completely unstaged. Like, riding the subway until you find a couple making out sounds like a fairly typical past time for a YouTube celeb. (Hey, if it's your job, it's your job, right?) So, it very well could've been authentic.

Here's The Romance of It All


And Then It Starts To Get A Little Rowdy


But Everyone's Clearly Feelin' It


This couple is so chill about the whole encounter. At one point they high five, which just proves how tolerant they are of the whole Internet watching them make out.

Watch the full video here:

Josh Nasar on YouTube

There are two schools of thought here. Either you're entirely grossed out and your first thought was this:

And this:

Or you're totally on board with the PDA, and are encouraging as hell:

So, which one are you?

Personally, I can't make up my mind, because I want to be both Blair Waldorf and Drew Carey. Because I am a mature adult.

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