The 'BB17' House Evicts One Half Of Clelli

It was an interesting week inside the Big Brother 17 house as Clay and Shelli (of Clelli) were both nominated thanks to James. The nominations of these two definitely ruffled a few feathers throughout the house — bravo, James — but at the end, Clay was evicted from Big Brother 17 . It comes with a bevy of emotions. While he's not the most dynamic player in the game, he is a damn good looking person whose mumbles warm the deep corners of my heart.

It was almost impossible to predict who of Clelli was going to be meeting Julie Chen on Thursday. One day, it was Shelli — James' original target — the next day (sometimes the next hour) it was Clay who was heading out the door. Clay asked people to evict him over Shelli — like the gentleman he is — and while some wanted to "honor" his wishes (they do know he's not actually dying, right?), others flipped back-and-forth so much that Clay's wishes became a moot point.

Up until a few hours before the feeds went down, the house seemed to land on Shelli being saved and Clay being evicted. It seems like Clay's begging for eviction and Shelli's good gameplay managed to work. On Thursday's show, we saw Shelli throw the Sixth Sense under the bus to try and save her and Clay. Her betrayal of her alliance threatened her status in the house for a few days — the broadcasted show seriously glossed over the seriousness of the flipping — but eventually, Shelli, Austin, Liz, and Julia realized Shelli is more of a target to have in the house, so her presence will keep the eyes off of them and on her.

That's great and all, but that means we lose Honeyhott. Clay and Shelli's speeches were sappy, of course. I think these two said more emotional things than Jack and Rose did before Jack died in the depths of the dark water as the Titanic sunk right next to them. The votes landed at 9 to 0. Jackie, Meg, and Becky were pushing to get Shelli out prior to the eviction, but the numbers weren't on their side, so they clearly went with the house.

Clay wasn't necessarily a fan favorite in the house — he's beautiful, but a good player he was not. So while it's sad to see the face go, as a game player, we're not losing much entertainment. John Travolta in Face/Off once said*, "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave," and I can't think of anything more perfect for Mr. Honeycutt. Goodbye, you beautiful creature.

*Or, you know the line from "Bed Rock" by Young Money, from your high school parking lot days. Equally respectable. Equally applicable.

Images: CBS; Giphy