Will Clay Take Shelli On His Trip To Ireland? When 'Big Brother' 17 Ends, The Duo Might Not Ride Off Into The Sunset Together

As if Clay Honeycutt didn’t look enough like a knight in shining armor already, on Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother, he became an actual knight when he began throwing darts at a numbered map and trying to win the Power of Veto (not to mention, Shelli’s heart). What he ended up winning instead, though — aside from a fast track ticket out of the Big Brother house — was a trip to Ireland. But, will Clay bring Shelli with him to Ireland? Or will be show his true gamesmanship and leave her in the Big Brother dust once he no longer has a strategic use for her?

There’s no better place in the world to fall in love than in Ireland. Just look at this past season of The Bachelorette: With all of the country's history and amazing scenery, it’s an incredible place to bring someone you’re crushing on. Especially if you’ve been cooped up with in a house for three months with that person, and not making out because there are cameras constantly watching! After the summer that these two houseguests have had, Clay and Shelli totally deserve a trip to Ireland.

But whether or not Clay will bring Shelli with him has yet to be seen. So far, there hasn’t been any talk of who he’ll bring along with him — although James made the assumption that they were going together. When he selected the Power of Veto from Shelli, he said, “Sorry, Shelli. But you and Clay are already going to Ireland.”

But, are they? After Wednesday night’s episode, I’m not feeling so optimistic about Clay and Shelli’s future — especially after that bathroom scene where Clay smiled deviously as he buried his face into Meg’s chest. Sure, Meg was drunk and clearly emotional, but Clay seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He smiled the whole time as he tried appear gallant, just to make sure Meg would keep him in the house another week.

Sorry, everyone. I guess chivalry really is dead.

My guess is that as soon as Shelli is out of the house, he will play the other women like he played her — doing and saying anything that he has to in order to ride their coattails all the way to the end. This, of course, means that him taking Shelli on the Ireland trip is pretty unlikely. Even if he wanted to, once she gets wind of how Clay played the game with the other women, I think she’ll want to be as far away from him as she possibly can — not crammed into an airplane with him for seven hours straight.

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