Does Shelli Know About Clay & Meg On 'Big Brother 17'? There's No Love Triangle Here

I don't really get a Fatal Attraction vibe from Clay, Meg, and Shelli, but can we all stop a moment and thing about Shelli watching that bizarre moment between Clay and Meg on Wednesday's episode? I honestly didn't even know Big Brother 17 's Clay and Meg knew each other's names, let alone had enough of a friendship to hang all over each other in the house's bathroom. Up until this point, it felt like Clay only hung out with Shelli, so where did this Meg friendship come from, and does Shelli know about it?

First of all, nothing actually happened between Clay and Meg. Clay is literally giving up his game for Shelli, so we know he is very loyal. But what was that bathroom encounter? The touchy-feely scene felt like I fell into a coma and woke up in an alternate Big Brother universe. In defense of everyone involved, some feed watchers are suggesting that the houseguests were enjoying some adult beverages during the Veto competition, which might have added to the fuel of emotions.

With that said, it feels kind of necessary for us to relive how bizarre that moment between the two was, just once more.

So now the question is if Shelli knows about this apparent friendship between Meg and Clay. Honestly, I don't think she knows about this friendship, but more importantly, I don't think Shelli would care. So far, Shelli and Meg haven't been the closest of houseguests... they've simply landed on different sides of the house. But that doesn't mean the two are battling for Clay's attention. Let's call a spade a spade, Clay is committed to one person right now, and while I wish I could say it was me, it's Shelli. There's no competition there.

Shelli has proved to be a pretty rational woman while inside the Big Brother house. After James nominated her and Clay, Clay went off on James for nominating both of them. Shelli, being the much more mature person in the relationship, basically starts scolding Clay for overreacting at James. So something tells me that she wouldn't be chasing Meg down at the after party for the season.

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Images: Monty Brinton/CBS