7 Times Christina Aguilera Dropped Some Brutal Truth Bombs In Interviews

It's from my vague experience being a "journalist" and all that, when you get a certain degree of fame, people start approaching you for these things called "interviews." And since she hit the mainstream music scene in 1999 with "Genie in a Bottle," Christina Aguilera has done a LOT of interviews. In fact, Aguilera was a mainstay on Total Request Live! in the first five years of her career alone. But, how often, during the dozens of interviews she's given, has Aguilera let her platinum hair down and started getting real?

Well, I skimmed through her massive interview catalog to find out. At first, all I noticed is that she peppered every other word with "you know," an eye-twitch-inducing habit that gradually faded with age. But, beyond that, it was refreshing to see her let her guard down every once and a while.

At her best, Aguilera has a lot of valuable commentary on body image, identity, and sexuality. And when she takes an unfiltered approach to these topics? She keeps getting better... and, in an instant, I feel like we all can almost relate to the otherwise untouchable superstar chanteuse.

So here's seven times and topics our girl was totally honest.

When She Talked About Feeling Bare Without Makeup And How It Enhances Her Confidence


Aguilera opened up to Glamour about feeling slightly exposed without her makeup. "There’s a witch under this hair," she joked at first, before acknowledging, "I am a woman who has my extreme vulnerable side and my baggage — and at times I feel extremely weak. And who’s to say a little mascara doesn’t make you feel more confident when you pop it on and look in the mirror?" Amen.

When She Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Her Body


By virtue of being a woman in the spotlight, Aguilera's ever-fluctuating weight has been often scrutinized. But eventually, she learned to put it aside and told Marie Claire about her new IDGAF approach. "I've been criticized for being on both sides of the scale. It's noise I block out automatically," she announced. "I love my body. My boyfriend loooves my body."

Hell yeah.

When She Talked About How She Wanted a Genuine Guy, Not An Self-Centered Jerk


I'm paraphrasing the last part, but Aguilera's philosophy has been to more or less not-date-celebrities. Her reasoning? She cares less about money and more about kindness. And because she's self-sufficient as hell. "Sincerity is everything. Because we can provide for ourselves, we’re fine," she told Queen Latifah on The Queen Latifah Show.

When She Defended Her Unconventional Stylings


It's upsetting how much Aguilera had to defend her Dirrty days. Dark times, guys. And this quote from an in-the-era interview with MTV pretty much sums up her feelings at the time... and a good mentality to have overall:

I just get really bored with sticking to the norm and having the proper conservative image. Even with certain outfits that I wear, or speaking openly about my past. I'm not going to sit there and lie. Whether you like me or hate me, that's me.


But Also When She Gave Herself Permission To Retroactively Side-Eye


Recently, Aguilera talks about her Dirrty days the same way I talk about my mallgoth days... and whatever intense look I went for after that. "I look back at the looks I've had over the years. I'm proud of myself that I had the courage to experiment with crazy hairstyles and some fashion things." She told Elle , before remarking, "Would I do it again? No. But that's part of the learning process and getting from point A to point B."

When She Couldn't Let Society Determine Her Happiness


Things were bleak during her divorce with Jordan Bratman, but Aguilera had to come clean about the reality of her relationship. She chose to do this in a W Magazine interview.

"I knew there would be a negative reaction in the press to my divorce," She said. "But I am not going to live my life because of something someone might say." That last part, in essence, is the true Xtina credo.

And Finally, When She Called Out Double Standards


Again, Aguilera would NOT let anyone shame her when it came to her assless chaps days. And a 20/20 interview really pegged her right to flaunt her newfound sexuality, especially when compared to her male peers:

"It’s just me being me. That’s all it is. If I guy were to do that video...like D’Angelo does a video where’s he’s naked. You don’t know what’s going on beyond that scene or who’s with him. And Ricky Martin? It’s not contoversial at all to see him pouring hot wax on a naked female... I think it scares people when a woman is comfortable with herself and her sexuality."


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