Here's How To You Can Buy Your Own Mermaid Tail

Attention all wannabe sea creatures: you can buy a mermaid tail on the internet now, and it's nothing like the little kid costumes you're picturing in your head. No, no, these babies are authentic. They are not only made from high quality materials, but The Mertailor shop makes sure that no two tails are alike. So if you've been harboring a pipe dream that involves you pulling a Little Mermaid and swimming around in a mermaid tail, you can now carry that out. Jokes aside, the mermaids in these pictures look pretty fly. The colorful fabrics are beautiful and paired with the right bikini top, it could make one hell of a Halloween costume for 2015, or a even pool party ensemble if you're getting late summer ambitious.

One specific type of mermaid tail, the Eco Mermaid Tail, is made from the best blend of polyester and spandex. It's safe for use in chlorinated water and saltwater. The colors are vibrant and look exactly like, well, a real mermaid's tail would look, if mermaid's weren't fictional (no, YOU'RE crying at about your crushed childhood dreams).

The fun continues. The fAnCy ~mertailor~ will create a custom mermaid tail for you (or your child). And the detailing on these designs have scales and flukes, which gives the appearance of a 3 dimensional texture to really bring the mermaid facade to the next level. Here are some of the mermaid tails available for purchase:

The Caribbean Blue Mermaid

This mermaid seems the most realistic to me, based solely on the fact that it's an aquatic color base. Somehow it seems more possible to call yourself a creature of the ocean if you're wearing blue. (And yes, I know that Santa and mermaids aren't real.)

$121.99, The Mertailor.

The MerBabe For Kids

This merchild costume is to die for. I typically don't encourage buying Halloween costumes, just because there are so many ways to make a great costume, but if my child brought me this picture, how could I refuse? (Also, can I get a copyright for coining the term "merbabe"? No? Okay.)

$98.50, The Mertailor.

The Magenta Mermaid

Or rather, the sExY mermaid. The magenta mermaid is for the ladies who know how to have a good time.

121.99, The Mertailor.

If You Opt To Buy A Mertail, This Could Be You:

Damn, what a babe you are.

Cheers To Your Mermaid Dream, Or At Least One Great Halloween Night:

Images: Giphy (2); The Mertailor(4)