Lindsey Graham's Solution To Fixing The Economy? Attack Hillary Clinton

It took an astonishingly long time for the name "Hillary Clinton" to pop up during the Fox News GOP forum. But when it did? Oh boy, was it bad. Sen. Lindsey Graham turned a question about unemployment and the economy into a harsh attack on Clinton's political — and personal — career, including references to her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and, of course, Emailgate. Graham, a long-time U.S. senator, stressed that he's been dealing "with this Clinton speak" for 20 years, and just stopped short of calling the Clintons liars and cheaters. He also never really answered the question, but at least he got those digs in.

"To all the Americans who want a better life: Don't vote for Hillary Clinton," Graham said. "She is going to empower a failed solution to an American economy dying to grow."

And then the attack turned personal. Graham fired a hearty jab at Clinton, accusing her of being out-of-touch because she doesn't know what it's like to be "flat broke" — a reference to her comment last year about being "flat broke" following Bill's presidency. Nice move, Graham. But was it warranted?

"Elect me," Graham said. "I know the difference between being flat broke. Apparently, she doesn't."

The South Carolina senator followed that up with a reference to "Emailgate," the scandal currently marring Clinton's campaign. "When Hillary Clinton says she released all the emails, that means she didn't release all the emails," Graham said, adding that it's "Clinton speak" you can't trust.

Our takeaway: Graham has no idea how to reduce the unemployment rate, and he most certainly won't keep the dream of the '90s alive.