You Need More Than An Hour To Look Like Kylie

There aren't too many places you can go to on the Internet without running into "ways to steal Kardashian/Jenner style." As of late, everyone has been wanting to imitate the youngest Jenner's look and the latest attempt by Huffpost Style is super impressive. Their 90 minute Kylie Jenner makeover gives you a glimpse into what it takes to become— at least style wise— the arguably most talked about member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Based on the video, it's definitely not a walk in the park, but is it worth it?

YouTube tutorials on Jenner's hair and makeup aren't hard to come by on the social media network. Her consistently changing color makes her mane one of Hollywood's most discussed, and she's only 17! Jenner's Instagram is full to the brim with hair and makeup inspiration, and the team over at Huffpost Style used the star's signature style as a guide line of how to recreate her look. First though, they needed to assemble their own team, not unlike the talented team of artists who help Jenner get that infamous lip. Celeb hairstylist Rachel Hawkins and makeup artist Kari Bauce joined forces to make the transformation of fashion editor Michelle Persad into Jenner a complete success.

Because the team over at the Huffington Post know that Jenner's makeup look is all the rage, they gave a serious run down of all the products and methods for achieving the look over at the original piece. What I was on the lookout for though was how to get Jenner's signature lip. Bauce recommended covering your lips in concealer if they're naturally heavily colored. After that step comes the real fun! Aquaphor apparently helps to make sure your lips are thoroughly moisturized. Next came the signature over lining, and with that technique came the tip to cover up your cupid's bow if you have one. Bauce used MAC cosmetics Spice lip liner to achieve the look, but Jenner typically uses Whirl to get that rosy brown nude.

As for the hair, celeb stylist Rachel Hawkins used mousse to prepare the roots for the voluminous, wavy look that Jenner is often seen rocking. Hawkins blew out the hair and then used a straightener to achieve the subtly wavy look and changed the direction of the waves to get get volume to the style— which is a seriously killer tip!

The end result of the full 90 minute makeover? A seriously believable Kylie Jenner look! Persad looks as if she had her hair and makeup done by Jenner's own team! While 90 minutes may seem excessively, Jenner's look is detailed, and that takes time and patience. Hey! everyone loves the look, including myself, so if you've got a special event, it's the perfect moment to take time to pamper yourself with the look.

Looks just like Kylie, right?

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram(2); Rachel Hawkins/Instagram; Michelle Persad/Instagram