Kylie Jenner Brought Back The Blue Hair

Kyle Jenner has the blues again, but it has nothing to do with the reality star's mood or her fabulous clothes. Proving herself to be a coif chameleon, Kylie Jenner has blue hair again, and this time her look is the most mermaid-like it has ever been. She's also crazy unrecognizable.

Jenner, who showed up to a film premiere rocking winter layers, black locks, and red-painted lips earlier this week, totally switched it up. Blue is clearly Jenner's favorite hair hue, since she keeps going back to it multiple times.

While she normally chooses a turquoise shade, this time out Jenner has gone with a pale, supersoft blue. It's actually my favorite of all her many blues.

But what makes Kris Jenner's youngest daughter look unlike herself is not the long, flowing, powder blue strands. It's her permatan patina.

Jenner's skin is totally spray-tanned and darker than usual. The teen wore a white pantsuit with a plunging neckline, which was sultry and therefore nothing new for her either. She obviously loves showing off her assets. Work 'em if you got 'em girl.

She has fully transformed into Kylie Jenner the mermaid!

While the roots are dark and visible, the rest of her hair is the sweetest shade of blue, like, ever.

Jenner looks exactly like her big sis Kim Kardashian here. That's not uncommon, as Kylie has proven to be Kim K's gorgeous mini-me quite often.

Her tanned skin does pop against the white, disco-inspired jumpsuit. I'm loving those flared legs. It's Kylie's take on '70s chic. But with her pale pink lips, glowing skin, and light hair, I only know this is Jenner because it's on her IG. Otherwise, I'd be all like, "Who's that girl?"

I admit I am loving her look because it's such a drastic change of pace on many levels.

Kylizzle has gone with a light blue but never as light as she is now.

Even big sis Kendall knows how good Kylie looks with her mermaid hair.

Who cares if it's a wig, extensions, or a real dye job. It looks amaze!

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (3); Kendall Jenner/Instagram (1)