Grammy Award Nominations Should Honor These 6 Underdogs for Record of the Year

The 2014 Grammy Awards nominees will be announced tonight and I'm so NERVOUS. I must distract my mind before I succumb to my of Grammys-related anxiety. You see, I've got a lot riding on these nominations. I've placed a huge bet on which songs I think will be nominated for Record of the Year. HUUUGE bet. No, you can't join the betting pool. The pool is closed. So sorry to be "that guy," but rules are rules. There's always next Grammys! I think I have a solid shot at raking in all of the simoleons. Last year, I didn't do too hot. But I'm in it to win it this time around. I trusted my gut. I did my research. I wasn't swayed by other predictions. I went rogue.

Usually, I like to play my cards close to the vest, but The Grammy Nominations Concert Live! is only a few hours away. So I'm comfortable with sharing my guesses — excuse me — my educated guesses with you. My criteria: 1) The song was released before Sept. 30 2013 (the eligibility cut off date) and 2) the song rules hard. Here are the ditties that will probably (definitely) be nominated for Record of the Year:

"Jump" by Rihanna

This will never not be my ringtone. It is a Rihanna song. It samples Ginuwine's "Pony." There are laser noises. Game over.


"Amazing" by Big Time Rush

I like the word "amazing" and I like boy bands, so this song is a slam dunk.


"Gettin' Dumb" by, featuring and 2NE1

I can't get "Watch out for the dumb dumb watch out" out of my head. I presume the Grammy voters are in the same boat.

williamVEVO on YouTube

"Ashtrays & Heartbreaks" by Snoop Lion & Miley Cyrus

Pathos for days.

SnoopLionVEVO on YouTube

"Girls Night Out" by 98 Degrees

This song goes from "good" to "unparalleled" when the "let's describe all of the ladies on the dance floor" part commences at the 2:01 mark.

welmax27 on YouTube

Bonus pick:

"Girl On Fire" as performed by the Kidz Bop Kids

Exhibit A: When the Kidz Bop Kids chorus jumps in for the first time at the 0:42 mark.Exhibit B: When the Kidz Bop Kids chorus jumps in for a second time at the 1:47 mark.Exhibit C: When the Kidz Bop Kids chorus jumps in for a third time to contribute some Ohs in the background.Exhibit D: When the Kidz Bop Kids Chorus jumps in for a fourth time at the 2:28 mark.Exhibit E: When the Kidz Bop Kids chorus jumps in for a fifth time to contribute a second round of Ohs.I don't know if a Kidz Bop record meets the nomination qualifications, so that's why it's my bonus pick. Yes, we get a bonus pick. It is a perfect cover of a perfect song and it'd be a shame if it didn't make the nominees list.

UltimateKidzBopFan on YouTube

There you have it folks! Those are the songs I bet my life savings on. I'm going to get so rich tonight. I can feel it.