Did Rick Perry Say "Ronald Raven"? Yes... And No... Well, Kinda — VIDEO

During the GOP forum, candidates fumbled over multiple words, but Rick Perry had the worst jumble ... if it actually happened. Did Rick Perry say "Ronald Raven"? It's complicated. Debate viewers took to social media immediately to make "Ronald Raven" jokes, but Perry's campaign denied the gaffe. In videos of the forum, it definitely sounds like Perry said "Raven" instead of "Reagan," but it's impossible to be 100 percent sure.

When answering a question about illegal immigration, Perry said: "Americans are tired of hearing this debate want to go to, 'What are you going to do about illegal immigration?' For 30 years this country has been baited with that. All the way back to when Ronald Raven signed a piece of legislation that basically allowed for amnesty for over four million people, and the border is still not secure." It doesn't get much worse than messing up a former president's name. Perry's campaign spokeswoman Lucy Nashed told ABC News after the debate that Perry "clearly said Ronald Reagan."

Nevertheless, people are having a lot of fun making Ronald Raven photos and GIFs. Slate even made a Perry name generator to see how he would fumble over your name. Here are the best Ronald Raven jokes out there.