Is Jonny Charles DiLaurentis On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Spencer's Artist Friend Appeared Out Of Nowhere

I am sure of a few things in this life, and one of them is that nearly every single attractive guy on Pretty Little Liars is up to no good. Let's go over a few examples: there's Toby, who, though a good guy at heart, worked for the A team; Ezra, who lied to Aria about writing a book about Ali; and Nate, a guy who faked his identity and killed Emily's girlfriend in a fit of jealous rage. That's not even mentioning half of the Rosewood police department, many of whom were also quite cute and definitely dangerous. Can anyone be that surprised that some fans are now suspecting that Jonny could be Charles DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars ?

I know what some of you are thinking: who is Jonny, again? I'll admit that I, too, forgot that he existed for a minute there, mainly because his presence on the show just seemed so random. Jonny was the artist who moved into Spencer's barn shortly after things started getting rocky with Toby. He was the one who told Spencer that it was OK not to live up to her parents' expectations if she didn't want to: she could go out and be her own person. Unfortunately, he was also the guy who almost got her arrested for trespassing — after which, it was bye, bye Jonny. But not before this happened:

So why is Jonny back on the rAdar? for one thing, he is one of the few characters on the series that matches up to the age of Charles. Charles, as we know, is roughly 25 — right around the same age that Jonny appears. Though it might seem like an insignificant clue, it's hard to deny that the pool of 25-year-old men on Pretty Little Liars is pretty small. Jonny fits right into A's demographic.

There's also the fact that Jonny chose to move into Spencer's barn right around the time Ali came back to Rosewood. We know that Charles desperately wanted to get back to his family, and perhaps this was the only way that he could do it — the Hastings do share a yard with the DiLaurentis family. Perhaps Jonny wanted to get close to Ali and her friends for real this time — not just while wearing a black hoodie.

Jonny may seem like a nice guy, but there's one more reason why we should list him as an A suspect. After dragging Spencer along with him to graffiti a rooftop, they are nearly caught by the cops. Though Jonny claimed it was never his intention to get Spencer in trouble, A was only able to kidnap the girls after they were sent to prison — could this have been Jonny's first attempt to put Spencer behind bars? For more Charles theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast below.

I'm going to file this theory under the "plausible, but unlikely" category. I. Marlene King promised us a major A reveal, and to learn that it was Jonny all along would feel like a major letdown. Whoever A is, we need to feel things about this person, and Jonny doesn't fit the bill. For a lighter take on the A mystery, watch PLL virgins try to figure out the show's mysteries in the video below.

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