Jennifer Meyer Designed Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux’s Wedding Rings, Plus 5 Things I Want From Her Jewelry Line

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were reportedly married in the comforts of their home in Bel-Air yesterday. It turns out their close friend, Jennifer Meyer designed Aniston and Theroux's wedding rings. Photos of the newlyweds' wedding bands have not been seen yet, but I can't imagine Aniston's band being any bigger than her 8-carat engagement ring. That bad boy was huge, but the radiant cut was absolutely beautiful. I feel like her wedding band will be much simpler than that (I mean, it has to be, right?).

The wedding was originally supposed to be disguised as Theroux's 44th birthday, but after piecing together some of the evidence, it seems more likely than not that it was the couple's actual big day. Packed with about 70 of their closest celebrity friends, including Lisa Kudrow (duh), Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Howard Stern and the wedding ring designer herself, Jennifer Meyer (who is Tobey Maguire's wife, btw!).

The jewelry designer posted a picture of her #OOTN on her Instagram from last night's shenanigans. Meyer wore her, "favorite dress," which was an off-the-shoulder cherry-print dress. Many of her followers commented on her photo saying things like, "How was the wedding?" and "Going to a wedding? *insert smirk emoji here*" Her accessories were obviously perfect as she wore a pair of straight, vertical earrings and layered bracelets.

Here's some of the bling that I've been eyeing from her jewelry line.

1. Bar Diamond Necklace

So dainty and simple. Love it. (18k Gold Diamond Stick Necklace, $1,050,

2. Circle Studs

No round, plastic backing needed for these ;) (Circle Stud Earrings, $235,

3. Short Bar Bracelet

Love the little pop of teal. (Inlay Short Bar Bracelet, $350,

4. Bar Ring

Clearly, I have a thing for simple lines and bars. (Bar Ring, $175,

5. Sister Necklace

I love text necklaces! There are also ones that say "Mommy" and "Love You" which would make great gifts. (Sister Necklace, $675,

Image: jenmeyerjewelry/Instagram