Who Talked The Most During The First Republican Debate? I'll Give You One Guess

It was an exciting night, wasn't it? This first Republican GOP debate had everything: God talk, abortion talk, immigration talk, abortion talk, something about Hillary Clinton being the worst talk, killing babies talk, a little diddy or two about growing up with Cuban parents talk, brain surgery talk, how people want to control my womb talk, and, of course, Trump talk. The first Republican debate gave us a lot of food for thought, some bites more meaty than others, but when it comes to who vomited the most words on stage, there's one clear winner. The numbers don't lie, the man who talked the most during the GOP debate was Donald Trump. Surprise! Bet you didn't see that coming.

Trump, having led the poles, was placed in the middle of the panel and was given the most attention, if not the most questions. He started off the night with a controversial response to the Fox News moderators' first question asking candidates if they'd run as an Independent if they didn't receive the nomination and, having just outed himself as a self-serving businessman not aligned with his party, it was downhill from there. He said had crazy moments, he had insane quotes, he went after Rosie O'Donnell, he went after Megyn Kelly, and he took some low blows at the Clintons.

You probably think that Trump talked for 115 minutes of the 120 minute debate, but interestingly enough, he clocked in at just over 10 minutes. Poor Rand Paul brought up the rear. If I'm being honest, Paul probably had as much air time as Carly Fiorina, and she was only featured in a video flashback to the evening's earlier debate. Ouch.

Here's the breakdown:

Little less conversation, little more action.