Kourtney Kopies Kylie With Bikini Shot

Are the Kris Jenner bookends — that'd be the matriarch's eldest daughter and firstborn Kourtney Kardashian and her baby, the last born Kylie Jenner— mashing up? They very well could be, thanks to a smokin' hot bikini photo that newly single Kourtney posted on Instagram! It begs the question: Are Kourtney and Kylie morphing into "Kourtlie"?

I mean, the photo also has me asking, "Do the Kardashians do anything else in the summer other than lounging by the pool and taking bikini selfies all day?" But that's really beside the point.

Kylie, who turns 18 this month, is often noted for her uncanny similarities to big sis Kim Kardashian, who is the second born of Kris' brood. The hair, the lips, the cleavage — all of those features resulted in Kylie being konsidered Kim K's mini-me.

But lately, I am more of the mind-set that Kourtney and Kylie might be more alike and akin than any of us previously realized.

Kourt noticed it, too, joking that Jenner took over her IG feed. That's a reference to the younger Jenner's penchant for posting lots and lots of busty bikini selfies, particularly this summer season. I can't help but point out how hard Kardashian slays in this photo. I want to jack her bikini top.

Her cleavage is the first thing you see, but can we talk about her amazing, chain strap bikini top, her layered necklaces, and her shades? I though Kendall Jenner's bikini style was legit. But Kardashian looks better than ever and accessorizes flawlessly.

I admit that I'm bummed that she and Lord Disick are dunzo, since I find him highly entertaining. But his mistake is certainly evident in this photo.

Here are four other times that "Kourtlie" has reared it's lovely, glossy 'n' black haired head.

Yeah, we know, Kim is in the center of the pic. But Kylie and Kourt are both pouting to perfection.

A strappy black top?

That's also a Jenner special.

Protruding, statement lips?

Also a regular occurrence on Kylizzle's feed.

No makeup selfie?

Yep, it is clear that "Kourtlie" is a thing.

A mirror selfie showing off the abs?

They are selfie twins.

Kourtney and Kylie are quite a mashup. It's unexpected but on the real.