Twitter Reacts To Cece Drake Being Charles DiLaurentis On 'Pretty Little Liars' As Fans Appropriately Lose Their Minds

After what feels like a lifetime of theorizing and a slew of emotions, fans finally know that Cece Drake is Charles DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars . After spending many endless nights coming up with crazy theories about the individual hidden behind the infamous black hoodie, you now know that Cece Drake is the real Big A. Can you believe it? Is this real life? Are you questioning everything you thought you once knew about the ABC Family drama? Even though the answers are now all out there to the question fans have been asking themselves for the past six years, it doesn't feel real, does it? Well, it's definitely going to take time to sink in. Until then, let's check out how PLL fans are reacting to Charles' identity on Twitter.

Of course, they are freaking out appropriately. I mean, would you really expect anything less? This is the die-hard fan base of Pretty Little Liars. They, myself included, don't take things lightly, even when it's Caleb cutting his hair. As soon as Charles unmasked herself, to both the Liars and fans, Twitter started blowing up. And, for even more Pretty Little Liars reactions, check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave, then read on to see how fans reacted to knowing Charles' identity for the very first time.

Those Who Are Dumbfounded

Those Who Still Don't Believe It

Those Who Knew It The Whole Time

Those Who Feel Beyond Betrayed By This Twist Of Events

And Most Importantly, Those Who Think This Is Not An OK Way To Handle Such A Sensitive Storyline

Image: ABC Family/Eric McCandless