Are There Fantasy Suites On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Nothing Is Stopping These Couples From Hooking Up

The Bachelor in Paradise is already proving to be a steamy season of Bachelor alums doing Bachelor alum things (if you catch my drift). And to do Bachelor alum things, one might find themselves needing a fantasy suite while on Bachelor in Paradise . Fantasy suites, which seem kind of moot in paradise when the couples roam freely in the sand together, play a big part in the preview for the season when Ashley I. asks Chris Harrison for a fantasy suite — but is that how it works? While the first season of Bachelor in Paradise seemed to reserve "fantasy suites" for the finale episode — it's more exciting if we have to "wait" — something tells me ABC isn't going to say no if some ex-Bachelorette contestant finds himself in one of those beds on the beach with one of the women.

In the preview for the season, we see Ashley I. approach Chris Harrison and ask for a date card that will "lead to a fantasy suite." While I'm sure there is some editing on this moment to play towards the "Ashley I. is a virgin" thing that ABC loved to remind us of on Chris Soules' season, it does raise the question of if these contestants can just ask for a fantasy suite. Fantasy suites on The Bachelor or Bachelorette are reserved to the finale few episodes where the producers can turn two usually sunburnt people's date into a romantic night with about one million rose pedals.

Who Ashley is interested in fantasy suite-ing with is still unknown, although the first week makes it seem like she only has eyes for Jared. Even though she says that she is only interested in Jared, the addition of a few other men from Kaitlyn's season of Bachelorette might shift that unrequited love of hers — sorry, but Jared is definitely not as into it as she is.

The goal of Bachelor in Paradise— and arguably The Bachelor and Bachelorette — is not so much about finding love as it is for drama. As we saw on Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette, having sex pre-fantasy dates is highly exploited for ratings and dramatic audience draw. So if a couple found themselves deciding to have sex, chances are there wouldn't be coitus interruptus.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy