KIT KAT Studio Lets You Make Your Own Kit Kats, If You Are Ready To Bear That Glorious Responsibility — VIDEO

Don't mind me, I'm just casually selling my liver so I can get a plane ticket to Australia and get to KIT KAT Studio, a magical place in Westerfield Mall in Sydney where you can design your own Kit Kat. I'm going to be real with you guys and admit that I spent most of my childhood lamenting that I never got a Hogwarts letter in the mail, but now that these exist I finally know for sure that MAGIC IS REAL. The pop-up studio is celebrating Kit Kat's 80th anniversary, and run by renowned pastry chef Anna Polyviou, who has already Instagrammed a few of her delectable creations for the world to slobber over.

I honestly don't know if the human race is ready for the responsibility of this, which is probably why the studio is only open from August 4 to August 30. Otherwise the power would all just go to our heads. As if Kit Kats weren't sheer perfection on their on (sheesh am I hungry right now), the studio lets you add other flavors like "fiery crushed chilli flakes, ground roast almond brittle, dried raspberry pieces, golden honeycomb shards, lightly salted caramel popcorn, fragrant pink rose petals, and many, many more." ROSE PETALS. As a full-fledged pastry snob after working in a bakery for a few months, I can't even tell how how painfully excited that makes me.

My mouth is watering. I'm going to break my keyboard and short circuit the entire laptop. I can't afford this kind of MADNESS. Here is some insight into how the whole process works:

1. Check Out The Kit Kat Menu

Hi, yes, can I have this framed?

2. Order Your Super Special Personalized Kit Kat

This girl is clearly gonna get Kit Kat turnt with that wine, and I'm so here for it.


Moment of silence, please, for all the nerve endings in my brain that just exploded from excitement. People have started sharing their creations to Twitter with the hashtags #CREATEYOURBREAK and #KITKATSTUDIO. Behold all the Kit Kats in their infinite glory:

I don't know who I have to cry at to make this happen in the US, but just know that if it does, I will be camping out all night to be first in line. Anyone who tries to cut me will have to endure me singing "Give me a break, give me a break, give me a break with that ... GIIIIIVE me a break, give me a break, give a break with that ... " without ever saying Kit Kat bar. It will be worth every second. Take a look at the most FOMO-inducing dessert of the summer:

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