How Taylor Swift Holds Her Purse Implies She's Confident, According To Body Language Expert

Whether it’s a subconscious form of habit or a question of comfort, there is a hidden meaning to the way we hold ourselves. In a recent interview with Glamour, body language expert Tonya Reiman analyzed how Taylor Swift holds her purse, concluding that the way we hold our bag actually says a lot about us, beyond our strategy for lugging around our on-the-go essentials most comfortably.

Most celebrities develop their go-to pose for the camera. For example, Megan Fox likes to peek out her tongue in some way, Queen Bey forever has both hands on her hips, and Ariana Grande prefers to be photographed from her left side, hand almost always at her hip as well.

Swift is rarely seen without a handbag or shoulder strap purse, and she does in fact have a tendency to leave it dangling from her forearm. According to Reiman, this is a “very demonstrative pose. She is quite proud of her bag and wants the world to see it, as evidenced by the way she holds it dangled on her forearm, slightly away from her body, allowing both body and bag to be on full display. In doing so, she demurely suggests power and pride."

We all know Swift has stellar confidence. I mean, I can only imagine writing songs about multiple ex boyfriends and producing them into chart-toppers probably takes some major balls, so it's not really a surprise that she possesses some major self-assurance. However, if the performer decides to accessorize with a shoulder strap or cross body bag, she usually has her right hand gripping the strap right above the bag’s edge or near her chest, holding it firmly against her side.

Clearly, I am no body language expert, but if I had to guess, Swift probably does to create a sense of security. Paparazzi are undoubtedly intimidating, and if strangers were constantly surrounding me with a bunch of blindingly flashy cameras, I would be standing in a way that allows me to either to keep my cool or be at the ready if someone gets a little too close.

Either way, whether she's holding her purse to show off her accessory style, flaunting her self-confidence, protecting herself from paparazzi, or letting it fall off her forearm because that's what is comfortable for her, Swift does have her go-to stance just like the rest of us. For whatever reason, it works.

Check out the variations of Swift's bag-holding and I'll let you analyze for yourself what her body language is saying.

1. With the Squad

'Cause baby now we've got bag love.

2. Lunching With Cara Delevingne


3. Red Accents

Now that we know how she's holding her bag exudes confidence, I'm assuming the fact that it's red further proves that analysis. Red accents have always symbolized a bold woman.

4. Good Girl, Cute Bag

Classic and fantastic.

5. Simplistic

Cool, calm, and collected. Naturally.

6. Short Hair, Short Shorts

Round purse.

7. Boys and Bags

Swift's got her man, and she's got her bag. All the confidence in that smug expression says it all.