Ariana Grande's Signature Pose: 33 Times She Was Photographed From The Left Side

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Enough about Ariana Grande's signature hairstyle. Everybody knows she always rocks that half-up, half-down pony. But did you know she has a signature pose, too? Let's just say if she had an anthem for having her photo taken, it'd be "Irreplaceable" by Beyoncé. That's because she directs the cameras to always go to the left, to the left. Lately there have been some rumors of Grande's diva-like behavior. I guess there's a reason they call her Mini Mariah.

First, an Australian publication talked about how she provided very specific instructions for her shoot. This included she could only be photographed from the left side. Then she allegedly stormed off the set. While this may sound surprising, reportedly she acted the same way on E!'s red carpet. Giuliana Rancic told E! News that Ariana Grande had the same demands when she interviewed her. Hmm, Rancic does know quite a bit about celebrities and seems like a valid source.

Still, let's give Grande the benefit of the doubt. After all, she's done some really nice things lately, like messaging super supportive advice to her fans. So instead of believing the rumors automatically, let's allow the photos to speak for themselves. Here are 33 (of the many) times she was photographed on her left side.

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