11 Tweets From Emily Bett Rickards That Prove The 'Arrow' Star Is Even More Entertaining Than Felicity Smoak

It's true that actors are not their characters, but there are some actors who share certain traits and qualities with their roles. Take Arrow star Emily Bett Rickards who plays Felicity Smoak. Sure, Rickards probably doesn’t stop a major city from imminent disaster every week with her computer prowess, but thankfully, she does have Felicity’s endearing wit in spades. And, that’s what really matters here, right? Right.

In fact, the actress has been asked if she’s anything like her character before. In an interview with PopSugar, Rickards admitted that she identifies with Felicity on an “emotional level,” that they’re both “hand talkers,” and that Miss Smoak has also made her “more awkward in [her] daily life.” I personally think it’s a good awkward. Who wants to be socially adept, anyway? Abounding awkwardness provides us with some of life’s greatest, most shareable stories (I would know).

Speaking of entertaining stories, if you haven’t yet checked out Rickards' Twitter account, you should. Twitter can be a dismally cliché place, but her brand of musings really raise the bar. Here are 11 instances where Emily Bett Rickards took to the social media platform and proved she’s just as entertaining as Felicity Smoak.

1. When She Asserted Her Twitter Dominance

No one is gunna step to her now.

2. When She Shed Light On The Age Old Battle Of A Woman Vs. Her Body Hair

In some cultures, this is considered torture. (At least, it should be.)

3. When She Had A Sweet Suggestion For The TSA

And, maybe a balloon as a parting gift?

4. When She Needed Missy Elliot's Help Real Quick

You reverse it.

5. When She Spoke The Truth

Can't tell you how many times a day I backspace a questionably inappropriate thought.

6. When She Married Parenting Advice With Restaurant Etiquette

Makes sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

7. When She Did This


8. When She Faced Every Uber Rider's Worst Nightmare

*Alarming music from Psycho plays in the background*

9. When She Couldn't Get The Premise Of Arrow Quite Right

Girl is cray.

10. When She Got Political(ish)

Anyone who could play Sim City for more than 40 minutes without throwing their monitor out of the window in frustration should have a whole host of similar privileges.

11. This Canada Day Ode That Would Convince Most People To Head North

You think Meek Mill will claim that fellow Canadian Drake's "ghostwriter" helped her with this? I'm looking forward to her revenge diss track, if so.

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