Hear Two Possible Snippets Of Ariana's New Single

DonutGate can't keep her down: According to Idolator, Ariana Grande's new single, "Focus On Me," will premiere within "the next couple of weeks." My heart just skipped a beat! The exciting news was reportedly announced at the iHeartMedia Music Summit — an event where record labels showcase their upcoming material for radio executives — in Burbank, California on Monday. Though Grande released her last album, My Everything, less than a year ago, it seems like she's already preparing to kick off the campaign for her next project, Moonlight . Could Moonlight arrive before the end of 2015? At this point, it definitely seems possible. My heart just skipped another beat! I can't take this.

So, what will "Focus On Me" sound like? Will it be a continuation of the modern pop panache of My Everything? Or a return to the retro R&B stylings of Grande's debut LP, Yours Truly? Based on what we've heard so far, I'm guessing it'll fall somewhere in between.

Back in June, Grande teased two snippets of an unknown new song on Snapchat — and I have a hunch they were from "Focus On Me." Why? Well, shortly before the 22-year-old singer shared the snippets with fans, she posted a picture on Instagram (which looks like it's from a recent photoshoot) with the caption, "by 'focus' i meant 'focus on me' #thisisahint #youllsee."

Coincidence? I think not! Check out the two aforementioned Snapchat clips below.

As I noted back in June when the previews first surfaced, the song sounds a little bit like something Mariah Carey might've done in the mid-to-late '90s — and I'm all about that. It's like nothing else on the radio at the moment. Hopefully, Grande will confirm the "Focus On Me" announcement soon and give us an official release date to put on our calendars.

Finally, a reason to talk about Grande that has nothing to do with licking fried pastries. I'm so happy, I could cry.