Ranking Every Mary Kate & Ashley Music Video Ever

It's no secret that icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are total triple threat twins: They're actresses, designers, and, as I recently rediscovered, singers. While it is still up in the air whether or not they will appear on Fuller House, I have been revisiting Full House and their greatest hits to cope — which, honestly, just reminds me why I miss them so much in the first place. Though they are best remembered as children for their iconic performance as Michelle Tanner — and now, as adults, for the fashion empire they built and currently run — the twins had another huge hit back in the day: Their TV movies. In fact, it's actually pretty easy to forget that in every TV movie they made — both The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley series and the You're Invited to Mary Kate and Ashley's... movies — they would break out into song, and produce some of the best music videos ever.

In all these throwback clips, which go as far back as Our First Video in 1993, the Olsen twins show off their singing, acting, and dancing talents... all at the same time. It's a wonder why they never made it to Broadway — it would have been awesome to see them split the role of Annie!

From their albums as toddlers to their later "You're Invited..." TV movies, here are the best videos featuring the musical stylings of the twins.

16. "Noyz About Boys"

That opening rap. THAT OPENING RAP. But, sadly, too much of it takes place in a bathroom.

15. "Give Us A Mystery"

Super cute, but I can't help but think that they have no idea about 70 percent of what they're singing.

14. "I'm Still Me"

"On the outside, it's as cool as can be, but on the inside, I'm still me!" An inspiring anthem for pre-teen confidence, but it might as well be "Be a Star" from Life Size, or any other such song.

13. "One Buffalo, Two Buffali"

The dancing is great, but this has the least sophisticated production values of all the videos. Plus, it teaches children bad vocabulary.

12. "Peanut Butter"

Their cuteness makes the product placement forgivable, but this still just strikes me as a commercial for peanut butter. We already know it's delicious!

11. "Sand, Sand, Glorious Sand"

This song has been in my head for literally 18 years. It gets points deducted for all the embarrassing moments it has caused me when I "accidentally" burst out singing it at the beach.

10. "I've Got Something In My Lunch Box"

This one's weird — it seems like they're already to old for this. But, of course, they pull it off gracefully.

9. "Ice Cream Crazy"

This '50s sock hop-inspired song is what Grease would have been like if it were about the romance between Mary-Kate, Ashley, and ice cream, rather than Sandy and Danny.

8. "Bravery"

This one is cute, but pretty generic. Any youngin' could have pulled it off — you don't need the twins' particular magic for this one.

7. "Mom's Song"

Lovely and moving... but, ultimately,boring. Also, they basically just love their mom for being their chauffeur.

6. "No One Tells the President What to Do"

A funny campaign ad, featuring President Bill Clinton. Olsen/Olsen 2016?

5. "Brother for Sale"

A revenge fantasy that everyone with a prankster sibling has had at least once, this video is hilarious. It's great, but not their greatest.

4. "I am The Cute One"

In this video, the twins basically invented reaction GIFs with their faces when the other one claims to be cuter. Plus, who can forget the iconic sunflower hats?

3. "Identical Twins"

This classic song is the most like Shirley Temple of the Mary-Kate and Ashley canon, and it's a lovely homage.

2. "B-U-T-T Out"

Yup, that's a young Elizabeth Olsen getting sassed out by Mary-Kate and Ashley saying, "But what am I, chopped liver?" The twins are lucky that she didn't have her Scarlet Witch powers just yet, otherwise it could have gotten real messy. "Hasta la vista, baby sista."

1. "Gimme Pizza"

A brilliant celebration of the love we all have for the glorious love that is pizza. Much like the pizza itself, this video is "a work of art like the Mona Lisa."

Mary-Kate and Ashley: if you won't come back to Full House, will you at least come back to music videos? Please?