Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Gown Is Still Mostly A Mystery, But Here's Everything We Know For Sure

After an engagement that lasted an eternity in Hollywood terms, Jennifer Aniston finally married Justin Theroux in a relaxed celebration befitting the laid-back couple. While the notoriously private pair have yet to appease their frantically curious fans by publishing images of their nuptials, certain elements of the affair have come to light — including whisperings about Jennifer Aniston's wedding gown. The backyard nuptials, which Theroux and Aniston hosted at their expansive Bel Air home, reportedly possessed an appropriately informal and quirky vibe for the couple, and hints about Aniston's attire suggest a similarly streamlined aesthetic.

The Mirror divulged that Aniston's chosen wedding frock suited the actress's well-publicized adoration of pared-down, unfussy attire. Sources revealed that Aniston said "I do" in a "boho-inspired, flowing summer dress" in lieu of a heavy tulle ball gown or a crisp bodycon silhouette. Furthermore, POPSUGAR wagers that the bride selected a pared-down silhouette much like the columns and fit-and-flare gowns Aniston has been known to favor for the red carpet. Meanwhile, People guessed that Aniston's ensemble was crafted by Valentino, Saint Laurent, or Versace due to the actress's sartorial history on the red carpet. Aniston's dedication to easy, elegant silhouettes and designs that enhance her slim figure certainly seem to suggest the actress opted for an uncomplicated gown to celebrate her union with Theroux. And indeed, with an eight-carat dazzler affixed to her finger by way of an engagement ring, Aniston's wedding ensemble needed no additional bling to make a statement.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Based upon the information at hand, it seems likely that Aniston's gown is most aesthetically similar to the figure-skimming, empire waist Chanel Haute Couture gown the actress sported to the 2004 Emmys. Grecian in design and bohemian in spirit, the beaded gown appeared to embody Aniston's personal mien to a T. However, until Aniston grants her public benediction and offers a peek at the much-discussed gown, fans can continue to speculate about the covetable couture creation in store.

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