'Bachelor' Nation Audition Stories Reveal A Lot

A lot of people audition every season for The Bachelor and Bachelorette. It's open to everyone, and only a small percentage actually get on the show. But quite a few people have told their audition stories for The Bachelor and Bachelorette, including some undercover journalists. So, you know, even if you personally have never auditioned for the Bachelor, you can get a pretty good idea of what goes on behind the scenes of the ABC hit. To many, including myself, the behind-the-scenes world of The Bachelor and Bachelorette is more interesting than the final product.

Shows like Lifetime's UnReal have exploited our fascination with how real shows like this really are. How cynical are the producers? How much is the show scripted? How much are characters artificially placed into roles, such as the villain, the innocent virgin, the crazy one, etc.? These audition stories help reveal many facts about how carefully selected the contestants are, as well as other details about the process. The results are a mix of the kinds of cynical, image-obsessed selectivity you'd expect, with a dash of the surprisingly genuine. Here are the facts we've learned about Bachelor auditions from the various journalists, hopefuls, and actual contestants who have auditioned for the show.

Most Of Those Auditioning Are Genuinely Looking For Love

It's only the viewers who are cynical. While Ari Eastman auditioned as a joke for Thought Catalog, she remarked how many of the women seemed genuine in their quest to find love.

At Casting Calls, The Initial Questionnaire Asks What Your Favorite Drink Is

Huffington Post writer Susy Strutner revealed in her hilarious tale of her audition that drink of choice is one of the questions. This seems weird, but not if you consider how much drinking happens on the show. I wonder, though. If you answer something like a pomegranate daiquiri, are you automatically accepted?

And They're Really Interested In How Many Tattoos You Have

Bustle's own Anna Klassen auditioned for the Bachelor, and she hilariously noted that "'Are you genuinely looking to get married & why?' was only allotted half a line for an answer, while contestants had three full lines to answer the question, 'Do you have any tattoos?'"

Your Answers Might Come Back To Haunt You

In their behind-the-scenes secrets, SheKnows revealed that they use the information contestants provide to create storylines. "If you say during your audition, 'I hate snakes,' just know that written into your story line will be a scene where you visit a snake pit."

There's A Lot Of Sizing Each Other Up

As you might imagine, many audition stories involve a lot of covert once-overs, checking out the competition. In her audition story, Paige Skinner of The Dallas Observer wrote that "Each new woman who walked in got a close once-over from every other woman in the room — slowly, like clockwork. After that, the meeting with the casting producer would be a snap."

There Is An Extensive, Test-Heavy Screening Process

In his tell-all book, one-time bachelor Sean Lowe revealed that prospective candidates who've made it past initial screening had to undergo STD tests, psychiatric exams, and see a psychologist.

There's A "Finals Weekend" For Those Who Make It Far

Former contestant Courtney Robertson revealed to Parade that there is a grueling 12-hour final process to weed out those who can withstand the pressure.

If all this sounds fun, then keep an eye open for open casting calls. The rest of us will guiltily enjoy from the comfort of our couches.

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