7 Photos Of Zooey Deschanel & Jacob Pechenik That Show Just How In Love They Are

I love New Girl. And, thus, I love the premier New Girl, Zooey Deschanel, even more. Like, I think I may have been happier than she was when she announced that she was about to be a mom, so you can only imagine how giddy I am that Zooey Deschanel married Jacob Pechenik, her baby making partner in crime. Well, happy about that and about the fact that she went and had the baby girl — something fans found out about at the same time.

From what I’ve seen, Deschanel and Pechenik look like they are not just content in their relationship, but that they absolutely, unabashedly dig each other. That is a good thing and all, since they’ve committed their lives to one another and made a real live human together. I think we all know people who have marked those major milestones with people that they felt less than wild about. All I’m saying is, it’s clear that no one in this relationship appears to have settled at all. The actress and her husband are so cute together, and that means more than looks-wise. The pair’s feelings quite obviously radiate through their pictures together, and it makes them all the more swoon-worthy.

So, in honor of their special connection, here are seven of Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik’s cutest pictures together.

1. When They Looked So Happy It Was Practically Bubbling Over


Can't handle it.

2. When They Matched, Like A Real Team

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Dressed to kill (us with your cuteness).

3. When They Somehow Matched Even Better

Stripes, color patterns, everything!

4. When He Gave Her A Kiss On The Cheek


5. When She Returned The Favor

<3 <3

6. When They Looked Totally At Ease With One Another

The mark of a good relationship, for sure.

7. When Her Adorable Baby Bump Stole The Show

Alright, this one wins. This one totally wins.

Now, if only Nick and Jess could follow this formula on the show...