's Back-To-School Collection Is Perfect For Long Lectures Or Work Meetings

While I may tease my younger brothers about going back to school soon, I'm actually slightly jealous because I mean...back-to-school shopping was the shiz. Now I'm looking at's back-to-school collection and thinking that their bright planners and highlighters galore are way too cute to only be for school. Who says you have to be in school to buy school supplies? I can totally imagine an office workspace being spruced up with's positive-thinking sticky note sets — one of which says, "You are gold baby. Solid gold." Talk about a confidence booster!'s collection features everything from sticky notes to portfolio folders, complete with a set of quirky stickers. I know the idea of decorating your work folder with stickers might sound immature to some, but hey, a little personality never hurts! Plus, it might make someone at work smile to see your inner-child peeking through your spreadsheets. And if stickers aren't your style, has file folder sets that will surely add some color to your otherwise lifeless, grey file cabinets. Lastly, if you're not the type to use computer calendars and like to physically write out your to-do lists, you're definitely going to want one of their adorable planners.

Whether you're hitting the books soon or need to liven up your desk, here are some of my favorites from's back-to-school collection:

1. Filing Folders

Because you are busy — busy being stylish at work or school! (Get It Sorted File Folder Set - I Am Very Busy + Bingo, $14,

2. Hot Stuff Thermal Mug

*Cue Donna Summers track* Lookin' for some hot stuff, baby! Clearly, we're talking about coffee. (Hot Stuff Thermal Mug - Florabunda, $14,

3. iPhone Case

But first, let me take a...well, you can let your phone case do the talking. (iPhone 6 Case - Selfies, $26,

4. Coaster Set

Study/work break! (It's The Drinks Talking Coaster Set, $15,

5. Notebook Set

A great reminder for stressful situations. (Good Ideas Notebook Set - Florabunda + Things Are Totally Gonna Work Out, $14,

Image: shopbando/Instagram